Turns out posh boys are better bullshitters. That explains a lot | Phoebe-Jane Boyd

Women with imposter syndrome, take note: young, rich males are inclined to bluff and get away with it, a UCL study shows

If you’ve ever wondered why the most overconfident embarrassments in the headlines and in your life are so frequently young, posh and male, wonder no more. It’s a thing. Bullshit can be packaged in so many ways, but it frequently comes in a certain form. According to a new study from University College London, young men who come from advantaged backgrounds are more likely to be bullshitters. That is, they believe they’re smarter, stronger and all-round better than they actually are.

He could sniff out insecurity like a truffle-hunting pig, and play with it until hard-working colleagues cried

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source https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/apr/01/posh-boys-better-bullshitters-women-ucl

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