Making money when every deal is a tech deal: Part III: The digital transformation conundrum – PE Hub Making money when every deal is a tech deal: Part III: The digital transformation conundrum  PE Hub By Scott B. Meyer, Glenview James LLC. Due diligence today needs to begin with the assumption that every deal is a tech deal. So what do you do when you … Vía “making money” – Google News

Congress to I.R.S.: Don’t Even Think of Helping Taxpayers – The New York Times Congress to I.R.S.: Don’t Even Think of Helping Taxpayers  The New York Times Congress could free most Americans from the annual drudgery of filling out tax forms. Instead, it’s trying to lock the current system in place. Vía “making money” – Google News

Caregiving not as bad for your health as once thought, study says For decades, articles in research journals and the popular press alike have reported that being a family caregiver takes a toll on a person’s health, boosting levels of inflammation and weakening the function of the immune system. Now, after analyzing 30 papers on the levels of immune and inflammatory molecules in caregivers, researchers say […]

Higher lead in topsoil boosts probability of cognitive difficulties in 5-year-old boys Researchers sought to estimate the effects of exposure to lead in topsoil on the cognitive ability of 5-year-olds in the United States. The study found that higher lead in topsoil significantly increases the probability that 5-year-old boys will have cognitive difficulties but does not seem to affect 5-year-old girls. The researchers found the adverse […]

Half-hearted: New insight into why the heart doesn’t develop properly in some children Investigators have found evidence that the gene Ccdc117 supports the rapid growth of precursor cells needed for proper development of right-sided heart structures. It does so by promoting transfer of iron-sulfur compounds to enzymes crucial for DNA replication and repair. Silencing Ccdc117 impedes cell growth, which may prevent heart structures from developing properly. Vía […]

Human iPSC-derived MSCs from aged individuals acquire a rejuvenation signature The use of primary mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is fraught with ageing-related shortfalls such as limited expansion and early senescence. Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)-derived MSCs (iMSCs) have been shown to be a useful clinically relevant source of MSCs that circumvent these agiing-associated drawbacks. Vía Latest Science News — ScienceDaily

Making money when every deal is a tech deal: Part III: The digital transformation conundrum – PE Hub Making money when every deal is a tech deal: Part III: The digital transformation conundrum  PE Hub By Scott B. Meyer, Glenview James LLC. Due diligence today needs to begin with the assumption that every deal is a tech deal. So what do you do when you … Vía “making money” – Google News

Mandatory pre-season guidelines reduce heat illness among high school football players Researchers have found strong evidence that rates of heat-related illnesses, such as heat cramps and heat strokes, were reduced by half in states that had mandated guidelines to reduce exertional heat illness among high school football players. This is one of the first studies examining the effectiveness of state-mandated guidelines for reducing exertional heat […]

Long-lived bats could hold secrets to mammal longevity Researchers analyzed an evolutionary tree reconstructed from the DNA of a majority of known bat species and found four bat lineages that exhibit extreme longevity. They also identified, for the first time, two life history features that predict extended life spans in bats. Vía Latest Science News — ScienceDaily

Active ingredient of aconite root against peripheral neuropathic pain is identified as neoline Aconite root is used in East Asian traditional medicines to treat pain. Since its toxicity, it is used after heat-processing for detoxifying. The present study revealed that processed aconite root could relief neuropathic pain in murine peripheral neuropathy model induced by oxaliplatin, paclitaxel, or partial ligation of the sciatic nerve (Seltzer model), and identified […]

Diet rich in animal protein is associated with a greater risk of early death A diet rich in animal protein and meat in particular is not good for the health, a new study finds, providing further backing for earlier research evidence. Men who favored animal protein over plant-based protein in their diet had a greater risk of death in a 20-year follow-up than men whose diet was more […]

A new molecule to fight type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease A new molecule -EPB-53-, could help fight type 2 diabetes and the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. According to a new study, the EPB-53 molecule increases levels of the FGF21 hormone, a biological factor playing a determining role in the control of diabetes and obesity. Vía Latest Science News — ScienceDaily

How much nature is lost due to higher yields? The exploitation of farmland is being intensified with a focus to raising yields. The degree to which yields actually increase as a result and the extent of the simultaneous loss of biological diversity have to date been under-researched factors. An international team of scientists has now evaluated data from worldwide research in which both […]

Falling levels of air pollution drove decline in California’s tule fog The Central Valley’s heavy wintertime tule fog — known for snarling traffic and closing schools — has been on the decline over the past 30 years, and falling levels of air pollution are the cause, says a new study. The findings help explain the puzzling decades-long rise and fall in the number of ‘fog […]

Algerian army chief wants ruling ‘gang’ prosecuted, backs route to elections

Algeria’s army chief said on Monday he expects to see members of the ruling elite prosecuted for corruption and will support a transition toward elections after mass protests ousted the long-serving president. source

Mexico government slams U.S. border slowdown as ‘very bad idea’

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard criticized on Wednesday a slower flow of goods and people at the U.S-Mexico border as a “very bad idea,” and said he planned to discuss the matter with U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials later in the day. source

Exclusive: Germany sees 8.86 billion euro cost to operate Tornado jets through 2030

The German Defence Ministry estimates it will cost nearly 9 billion euros to replace obsolescent parts and keep its aging fleet of 93 Tornado fighter jets flying until 2030, according to a classified document provided to German lawmakers this week. source

May says she aims to secure delay for orderly Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday she was asking EU leaders to delay the Brexit deadline to June 30 so she could get approval from parliament for her deal and ensure Britain leaves the European Union in an orderly way. source

U.N. aid chief says ‘very real humanitarian problem’ in Venezuela

United Nations aid chief Mark Lowcock told the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday that there is a “very real humanitarian problem” in Venezuela and that the world body is ready to do more if it gets more help and support from all parties. source

Germany, France back shorter Brexit delay ahead of EU summit: document

Germany, France, Luxembourg and the EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier favored a shorter delay to Britain’s departure from the bloc in talks on the eve of a summit of EU leaders in Brussels, a document seen by Reuters showed. source

Brexit-hungry media to be turfed off grassy patch outside UK parliament

After months of grueling political perma-crisis, Brexit is taking its toll on the British political establishment – not least the small patch of grass opposite parliament that has become a makeshift home to the world’s media. source

Troop presence reinforced as Sudan sit-in continues for fifth day

Soldiers were heavily deployed around a sit-in outside Sudan’s defense ministry on Wednesday, as several thousand protesters danced, sang and chanted slogans calling on President Omar al-Bashir to step down. source

British nuclear submarine yard reopens after brief evacuation

A shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness, northwest England, that builds Britain’s new generation of nuclear submarines reopened on Wednesday after being briefly evacuated due to an incident, defense company BAE Systems said. source

Amnesty urges UAE to release activist on hunger strike

Amnesty International called on Wednesday on the United Arab Emirates to release a local activist who has been on hunger strike for more than three weeks, citing concern over his health and prison conditions. source

Khashoggi’s children deny considering settlement over murder

The children of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi denied on Wednesday discussing any sort of settlement over his killing by Saudi agents after a report of compensation awards. source

Vatican tries ‘retreat diplomacy’ as South Sudan peace deal falters

The Vatican brought together South Sudanese leaders for 24 hours of prayer and preaching on Wednesday, a last ditch attempt to heal bitter divisions a month before the war-ravaged nation is due to set up a unity government. source

Peru’s former president Kuczynski ordered to 10 days in jail

A judge ordered Peru’s former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to spend 10 days in jail and authorized a search of his properties in connection with a money-laundering probe into Brazilian builder Odebrecht, according to a judicial resolution. source

Israel’s Netanyahu wins re-election with parliamentary majority: tally

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secured a clear path to re-election on Wednesday, with religious-rightist parties set to hand him a parliamentary majority despite a close contest against his main centrist challenger, a vote tally showed. source

Trump says Netanyahu’s victory improves chances of peace

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election after a national vote improved the chances of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. source