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Technology automatically senses how Parkinson’s patients respond to medication Adjusting the frequency and dosage of Parkinson’s patients’ medication is complex. In their ‘ON’ state they respond positively to medication and in their ‘OFF’ state symptoms return. Addressing these fluctuations requires a clinical exam, history-taking or a patient’s self-report, which are not always practical or reliable. A new technology that combines an algorithm with […]

New study shows people used natural dyes to color their clothing thousands of years ago Even thousands of years ago people wore clothing with colorful patterns made from plant and animal-based dyes. Chemists have created new analytical methods to examine textiles from China and Peru that are several thousand years old. They describe their new method that is able to reconstruct the spatial distribution of dyes, and hence the […]

Turn toxic e-waste into a source of ‘decent work’, UN labour agency urges 

A “toxic flood of electric and electronic waste” that is growing by the day across the world, should be urgently converted into a source of decent work, that can also protect populations from its harmful effects, the United Nations labour agency said on Wednesday.  source

PSA: We Found the Most Flattering Leggings, According to Customer Reviews

Thanks to athleisure, leggings have now become a regular staple in our wardrobes. Of course, given the level of comfort achieved while still looking put together, we’re not complaining in the slightest. That said, there are a few key factors to keep in mind when shopping for the latest addition to your collection: support, comfort, and of […]

Money is great, but good leadership would help the Pac-12 more – SB Nation Money is great, but good leadership would help the Pac-12 more  SB Nation It’s been a rough few years for the Pac-12. To address this, commissioner Larry Scott is trying to sell an equity stake in the league’s media rights for $750 million, … Vía “making money” – Google News

4 things Russell Wilson didn’t get in his historical contract – Touchdown Wire 4 things Russell Wilson didn’t get in his historical contract  Touchdown Wire We know what Russell Wilson did get in his historic contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks. He got a lot of money. So much money in fact that it’s the … Vía “making money” – Google News

Key Words: This is ‘the stupidest comment’ Suze Orman has ever read

Ben Carlson, portfolio manager at Ritholtz Wealth Management and “A Wealth of Common Sense” blogger, this week compared some of the biggest names in personal financial punditry to ESPN’s top blowhard Stephen A. Smith. And one of those names didn’t like it one bit. source

Schoolboy arrested on suspicion of assaulting female classmate at Hong Kong school hit by spate of bullying incidents earlier this year

A Hong Kong schoolboy was arrested on Wednesday accused of assaulting a female classmate at a school hit by a spate of bullying incidents in January.The victim – a Form Three pupil – also claimed she was molested from behind during the dispute in a classroom at Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary […]

Unregistered voters, Wi-fi woes led to long wait for Indonesian workers at polling stations in Hong Kong: election official

A report on an incident involving migrants who stormed a polling station on Sunday in Wan Chai, after voting for Indonesian elections had closed, has been sent to Jakarta, Hong Kong-based electoral officials said on Wednesday.Many other Indonesians living in the city were left disappointed after being unable to cast their votes in the three […]

Hong Kong’s lack of parking spaces is ‘cause for concern’ and only getting worse, Director of Audit says

Hong Kong needs more public parking spaces and must do a better job managing its existing car lots and parking facilities, the city’s chief auditor said on Wednesday.The Director of Audit’s twice yearly report found that Hong Kong’s ratio of public parking spaces to private cars dropped from 1 to 1.5 in 2006 to 1 […]

Premium taxi service fails to consider interests of consumers, says Hong Kong competition watchdog

Hong Kong’s competition watchdog has said the government’s ambition to create a premium taxi service has failed to consider the interests of consumers and challenged its method of creating fair competition.The Competition Commission also said Hong Kong was due wider reforms to the existing taxi licensing regime and should provide more opportunities for ride-hailing services […]

Small fossils with big applications: BP Gulf of Mexico time scale Geologic time scales are critical to understanding the timing, duration, and connection of geologic events. They are not static, and can be improved with research, integration, and refinements realized from biostratigraphic repetitive analysis. Over the past century they have proven important tools in petroleum exploration and studies of climatic and geologic events. Still, many […]

First details, title of Inu Yasha creator Rumiko Takahashi’s new manga series announced

The legendary manga artist looks to be going back to fantasy adventure in her new serial with a mysterious name. Back in December, publisher Shogakukan got manga fans’ hearts racing with the announcement that Rumiko Takahashi has a new manga in the works. Even better, this isn’t one of those times when the creator of […]

‘Counting On’: How Does Jana Duggar Earn Money While Living at Home? – The Cheat Sheet ‘Counting On’: How Does Jana Duggar Earn Money While Living at Home?  The Cheat Sheet The oldest Duggar daughter lives at home with her parents, but she doesn’t have a career. How does Jana Duggar make money? Vía “making money” – Google News