Chemical engineers replicate feed, fight and flight responses in catalytic chemical reactions Chemical engineers have recreated collaboration and competition responses within a microchamber environment of microscopic particles, sheets, and catalysts, effectively mimicking responses of feeding, fighting, and fleeing. Vía Latest Science News — ScienceDaily

Unravelling the complexity of air pollution in the world’s coldest capital city A joint Mongol-Japanese research team conducted the first detailed study of organic air pollutants in Ulaanbaartar city. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contents of airborne particulates were determined, and indicated that the degree of air pollution varies markedly by district and season. Vía Latest Science News — ScienceDaily

Researchers trace 3,000 years of monsoons through shell fossils The tiny shells at the bottom of Lake Nakaumi in southwest Japan may contain the secrets of the East Asia summer monsoon. This rainy season is fairly predictable, ushering in air and precipitation conducive to growing crops, but — sometimes without any hint — the pattern fails. Some areas of East Asia are left […]

Aid preparations gear up as Mozambique braces for second massive storm

Emergency measures are being stepped up by the UN and partners in northern Mozambique, amid fears that another devastating tropical storm could batter coastal areas on Thursday evening, weeks after Cyclone Idai claimed hundreds of lives and flooded vast swathes of the south of the country. source

Marvel Studios president has an extremely hilarious reaction to reporter’s question

We’re down to the wire, counting the final hours until everyone collectively lose their minds over Avengers: Endgame. Tensions are high, and there’s a lot to worry about — rogue spoilers, reviews, the entire legacy of the MCU.  Needless to say, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige probably has a lot on his plate right now, […]

Pamela Frank to head Menuhin Competition

Judges have been announced for the next Yehudi Menuhin Competition, which will take place in Richmond, Virginia, in May 2020. It’s mostly the usual suspects: Pamela Frank (Chair, USA), Joji Hattori (Vice Chair, Japan/Austria), Noah Bendix-Balgley (USA/Germany), Ray Chen (Australia), Aaron Dworkin (USA), Ning Feng (China/Germany), Ralph Kirshbaum (USA), Anton Nel (South Africa/USA) and Soyoung […]

Exercise activates memory neural networks in older adults A new study of healthy older adults shows that just one session of exercise increased activation in the brain circuits associated with memory — including the hippocampus — which shrinks with age and is the brain region attacked first in Alzheimer’s disease. Vía Latest Science News — ScienceDaily

Tracking charge carriers in the molecular crystal at organic pn junction In conventional organic solar cells, the electrons exhibit their particle-nature and need to jump between organic molecules in the cell. The conductivity is, therefore, lower than that of crystalline silicon solar cells. Researchers have succeeded to arrange the organic molecules in highly ordered manner like in crystals and to invoke the wave-nature. ‘Conductive bands’ […]

Trigger region found for absence epileptic seizures Scientists have discovered a neurological origin for absence seizures — a type of seizure characterized by very short periods of lost consciousness in which people appear to stare blankly at nothing. Using a mouse model of childhood epilepsy, a team showed that absence epilepsy can be triggered by impaired communication between two brain regions: […]

California signs up for China’s Belt and Road Forum to help in fight against climate change

Although the US federal government has snubbed the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, representatives from America’s most populous state are attending to drum up support for international efforts to tackle climate change.California’s lieutenant governor Eleni Kounalakis said she was attending the event primarily to “talk about climate change and urge participants to prioritise the […]

China seeks to allay belt and road ‘debt trap’ concerns with standard for assessing financial risk

China on Thursday moved to allay widely held concerns about the financial drawbacks of its “Belt and Road Initiative” by publishing a debt sustainability framework for participating nations.Presented by Finance Minister Liu Kun on the opening day of the second Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, the 15-page document was, he said, based on similar […]

Philippines open for business with China, but stands firm on insisting Beijing respects its sovereignty: trade secretary

Even as the Philippines signs billions of dollars worth of agreements with its top trading partner China to boost bilateral ties, Manila will not back down from insisting on respect for its sovereignty, Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said on Thursday.“The President, many Filipinos and myself would make sure there is mutual respect for sovereignty. That […]

This way to the Belt and Road Forum … Or it is this way? Or this way?

A cloud of confusion hung over the first day of China’s biggest diplomatic event of the year as businesspeople and reporters tried to find a way through an organisational muddle.Beijing is keen to use this week’s Belt and Road Forum to dispel transparency concerns about its multibillion-dollar plan to boost trade through infrastructure but there […]

Interview with Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid: ‘Our Government Is More Innovative’

The tiny Baltic nation of Estonia is a digital trailblazer. All public services are available online, saving the country millions of euros each year. President Kersti Kaljulaid spoke to DER SPIEGEL about Estonia’s burgeoning IT industry, the free market and the perils of cyberwarfare. source

Boardroom dispute at Hong Kong Airlines reaches High Court as rival factions lay out claims to control parent company

A three-way boardroom fight over the corporate parent of Hong Kong’s third-largest airline reached the High Court on Thursday.The dispute over the legitimate owner of shares held by Frontier Investment Partner (FIP) would determine who controlled the financially failing Hong Kong Airlines.In one corner is Zhong Guosong, with FIP and Hong Kong Airlines Consultation Service, […]

Hong Kong sells itself at Belt and Road Forum in Beijing as Chief Executive Carrie Lam touts benefits of city’s special status

Hong Kong was out to sell its edge as a global financial hub for China’s Belt and Road Initiative on Thursday, with the city’s leader touting advantages such as its freedoms and the rule of law, which have come under increasing scrutiny from the international community.As dozens of state leaders, along with thousands of officials […]

Hong Kong Customs seize 10 ½ kg of crystal meth, arresting mainland Chinese man

Customs officers at Hong Kong International Airport have seized HK$5.7 million (US$727,000) worth of crystal meth disguised as packets of coffee powder and hidden in an airmail parcel arrived from the United States.A man, who was visiting from mainland China, was arrested at the office of a logistics company in Yuen Long on Wednesday.The 10.5kg […]

One thing NOT to do in Kyoto if you’re headed there during the vacation period

If you don’t want to waste a huge amount of time in Japan’s cultural capital, here’s something you’ll want to avoid. While the city is particularly striking during cherry blossom season or as the leaves change color in the fall, Kyoto is beautiful at any time of year. Japan’s former capital is filled with temples, […]