‘The green economy is the future,’ UN chief says in Beijing, urging climate solutions that strengthen economies, protect the environment

Winning the race against climate change to keep our planet livable and on a healthy trajectory requires action rooted in sustainable solutions aligned with the Paris Agreement and the UN-driven 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, Secretary-General António Guterres said on Saturday. source https://news.un.org/feed/view/en/story/2019/04/1037461

Japanese convenience store’s Above and Beyond Series puts our sense of adventure to the test

Combos including sweet beans & chili powder, chocolate and potato make Mr. Sato wonder if he’s just getting too old for this. As we reported earlier, the discount convenience store Lawson 100 came out with a unique line of baked goods called the Above and Beyond Series as a part of their Value Line (VL) […]

Decomposing bodies of dogs and cats found at New Territories animal shelter with nearly 100 malnourished animals living amid a ‘sea of urine and faeces’

The carcasses of least 10 dogs and cats – including skeletons and rotting corpses – have been found at a shelter in the New Territories where nearly 100 other animals were living in a “sea of urine and faeces”.Police arrested one man for animal cruelty on Saturday as inspectors from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation […]

China’s Belt and Road Forum ends with more support and US$64 billion in new deals, but is it job done for Beijing?

Despite growing criticism of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” from the United States and its allies, the message from Beijing on Saturday was clear: the multibillion-dollar trade and infrastructure development plan is alive and well and gaining support. As the second Belt and Road Forum drew to a close, the leaders of 37 countries joined […]

Teacher warns students not to spoil ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with fantastic note

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week. The first weekend of Avengers: Endgame is finally upon us, and people are desperate to avoid any spoilers for the highly-anticipated film.  In a desperate attempt to keep the details of the […]

Bernie Sanders is the most feminist 2020 candidate, as far as I’m concerned | Arwa Mahdawi

Sanders is far from perfect, but it is ridiculous to claim that he is beloved purely by arrogant white bros Sign up for the Week in Patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading… source https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/27/bernie-sanders-is-the-most-feminist-2020-candidate-as-far-as-im-concerned

Red Wine Braised Beef

This red wine braised beef is made by slow cooking an inexpensive beef roast in red wine, beef broth, carrot, onion, and celery until fall-apart tender. An Italian classic. Simple, elegant, and ideal for entertaining. Adapted from Emiko Davies | Tortellini at Midnight | Hardie Grant, 2019 There’s something magical about beef braised in red […]

10 Weekend Reads

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Death Wish Coffee coffee, grab a seat under the umbrella, and get ready for our longer form weekend reads: • Warren Buffett: ‘I’m having more fun than any 88-year-old in the world’ (Financial Times) • How the Kleiner Perkins Empire Fell (Fortune) • Big Tech’s Invasion… […]

Man, 68, arrested in Hong Kong after decomposing body of wife found in their flat

A 68-year-old man has been arrested in Hong Kong after the decomposing body of his wife was found in their home.The woman, surnamed Wong, 64, was believed to have died a few weeks ago, but her husband never told police.Emergency personnel were called to Kwun Tong Garden Estate in Sau Mau Ping shortly before midnight […]

Motorcyclist dead after nasty collision with truck in Tseun Wan – driver arrested and detained for questioning

A 38-year-old man died in Tseun Wan on Saturday after his motorcycle crashed into an industrial truck and he was caught underneath it.Police said the vehicles were travelling on Cheung Pei Shan Road near the Tsuen Kam Interchange when they collided at 8.25am.The motorcycle rider, surnamed Lo, was trapped under the truck and had to […]

Buyers flock to Centra Horizon’s property sale in Tai Po, in an overwhelming response that is a harbinger of rising home prices

Homebuyers flocked to the weekend sale of a residential project in Tai Po, forming a long queue that encircled the sales office even after the developer priced its flats 4.1 per cent higher than a January offering, in a harbinger of rising real estate prices in Hong Kong.As many as 4,950 registrations of interest were […]

Hong Kong buses soon to be equipped with anti-drowsiness systems – and a range of other eye-opening safety measures

Buses installed with anti-drowsiness systems for drivers could soon be on the road, with the city’s biggest bus operator announcing that testing was nearly finished for the new safety measure.The city’s largest bus company, Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB), said on Saturday that tests of anti-drowsiness devices on 16 buses were in the final stage. The […]

Malaysia’s revived deals with China proves its support for belt and road: trade minister Darell Leiking

Malaysia’s resumption of a billion-dollar Chinese-backed rail project and its enthusiasm for telecoms group Huawei underscores its interest in doing deals with China that promote fair trade and job creation, Trade Minister Darell Leiking said on Saturday.Leiking said his government’s request after coming to power last May for a review of the East Coast Rail […]

Cocaine traffickers go upscale: latest major bust in Hong Kong involves designer luggage, high-class rooms and a glittering sum of US$30 million

Designer suitcases, a luxury flat and an upscale hotel room were among the pricey camouflage tactics used by drug smugglers who were caught in Hong Kong this week with 250kg of cocaine in the biggest bust of its kind by customs officials since 2012.Ip Kwok-leung, commander of the customs’ drug investigation division, said on Saturday […]

Can China do soft power? Poorly organised yet tightly controlled forum raises questions

Traffic woes, poor organisation and tight media control during China’s most important diplomatic event of the year have again raised questions over its ability to project soft power.While Beijing attempted to dispel foreign fears over its “Belt and Road Initiative” and cement its legitimacy as a global development programme during the three-day forum, which ends […]

Chinese embassy in Paris warns tourists to beware the beautiful bandit … and other sneak thieves

Chinese visitors to Paris have been warned to be on the look out for a bewitching blonde who preys on the good nature and naivety of tourists to relieve them of their valuables.According to a series of notices posted on the website of the Chinese embassy in the French capital, the alluring larcenist is just […]