Photo of “melted” anime figure is an important reminder about summertime otaku merch safety

Beloved anime cat Doraemon appears as a pile of blue goo. The last weekend in March decided to give Japan an early preview of summertime weather, with scorching sunshine baking the country with high temperatures. It was so hot that we ended up eating our ramen cold (an unusual experience that we highly recommend), but […]

“We just wanted to see them stop!” Four train otaku arrested for throwing smoke bombs at trains

These otaku were a little too interested in trains.  We’ve all been teenagers, so we all know that when you’re in the throes of puberty, you do a lot of dumb things. From climbing revered monuments to playing chicken with cars, middle school and high school students are not known for controlling their impulses, however […]

China sends ‘highest-profile’ team to Shangri-La Dialogue amid rising US tensions

China has sent its most senior military officials and scholars to the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore amid rising tensions with the US, which is seeking to curb Beijing’s growing clout in the Indo-Pacific.Asia’s annual three-day security forum, which began on Friday, has become a diplomatic battlefield between Beijing and Washington in recent years, as the […]

Beijing to blacklist ‘unreliable’ foreign entities that ‘hurt interests of Chinese firms’

China will publish a list of “unreliable” foreign entities deemed to have damaged the interests of Chinese firms – a move set to ratchet up tensions in its escalating conflict with Washington, after the US government blacklisted Chinese telecoms giant Huawei.The Ministry of Commerce said on Friday that it would blacklist foreign businesses or individuals […]

Based on a true story: Hong Kong’s Tony Leung to star in movie based on China’s real-life hunt for corruption fugitives

Tony Leung Chiu-wai, one of Hong Kong’s best known actors, will star in a movie commissioned by Beijing’s Ministry of Public Security about Operation Fox Hunt, China’s campaign to track down and repatriate corruption fugitives.Meng Qingfeng, vice-minister of public security, launched the project on May 24, according to state news agency Xinhua.The ministry’s Operation Fox […]

Chinese scientists find faster way to extract rare earths that may also cut industry pollution

A team of Chinese scientists has developed a new process they say significantly reduces the time needed to extract rare earths from ore, and it could also cut industry pollution.Extracting the trace metal elements is difficult and takes days to complete, but researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Fuzhou say they have found […]

‘Is it right for a country to claim whole ocean?’: Duterte frustrated with Beijing over South China Sea conduct

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte voiced rare frustration with China on Friday, urging progress on a code of conduct for the contested South China Sea, which he warned was becoming a “flashpoint”.Duterte was delivering a speech at an economic forum in Tokyo, but veered off script with remarks about the resource-rich sea, over most of which […]

China draws national security red lines in its trade war with the United States

China’s national security issues – from Taiwan to the South China Sea and food security – will be at stake as the United States expands the trade war, according to some of Beijing’s most experienced US hands.Beijing has long claimed that national interests were at the heart of its main differences with Washington in the […]

This is a love story: Everyone’s obsessed with the black jumpsuit from ‘Fleabag’

Many people who have consumed the second season of Fleabag on Amazon were moved to their cores. Writer, creator, and star of the show, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, makes you question and unpack your thoughts about everything from religion and family, to friendship and love — but she also wears a ridiculously stylish black jumpsuit in Episode […]

Who should play at the next inaugural ball? Here are our picks for every 2020 candidate.

As the 2020 candidate pool continues to grow almost by the day, it’s never too early to start planning for January 20, 2021 — and the spectacle that comes with a presidential inauguration.  Yes, I know, we’ve still got the actual election to get through. But, look, the inauguration is a pretty big deal — […]

Wondering why bike share programs are so popular?

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Nancy Pelosi outlines the case against impeaching Trump for Jimmy Kimmel

With more Democrats jumping on the “Impeach Trump” bandwagon, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi took her “hold your damn horses” argument to late night. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Pelosi had a spirited chat with Kimmel about Robert Mueller’s Wednesday statement, the Mueller Report in general, and the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump. Pelosi […]

Second case of African swine fever found in pig in Hong Kong, sparking cull of 4,700 animals and closure of slaughterhouse

A government-owned slaughterhouse will be closed for the second time in a month from Friday night following the latest case of African swine fever, with 4,700 animals to be culled.Health authorities detected the virus in a dead pig at Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse, health chief Sophia Chan Siu-chee said.The pig had been imported from a farm […]

Businesswoman Cheyenne Chan denies paying flat deposit for senior Hong Kong official Wilson Fung after they became lovers to keep him sweet for her dealings with government

A businesswoman who paid a HK$510,000 initial deposit for a former Hong Kong official’s flat purchase denied in court on Friday she was using the money to keep him sweet towards her helicopter companies. Cheyenne Chan Ung-iok, 63, said she did not know co-defendant Wilson Fung Wing-yip, 55, was the deputy secretary for economic development […]

Hong Kong children overwhelmed by academic pressure, with suicide accounting for a third of young unnatural deaths, government review of Coroner’s Court cases reveals

Suicides accounted for 30 per cent of all unnatural deaths among Hong Kong children and teenagers over the course of two years, according to a new government report released on Friday.The report, which reviewed Coroner’s Court cases in 2014 and 2015, found school work problems were the biggest reason for young people killing themselves.A total […]