Ragweed compounds could protect nerve cells from Alzheimer’s

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J As spring arrives in the northern hemisphere, many people are cursing ragweed, a primary culprit in seasonal allergies. But scientists might have discovered a promising new use for some substances produced by the pesky weed. Researchers have identified and characterized ragweed compounds that could help nerve cells survive in the presence of Alzheimer’s disease […]

What artificial intelligence can teach us about proteins

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J Proteins are vital parts of all living organisms and perform essential tasks in our bodies. They build and repair tissues, supply components of the immune and hormone systems, regulate metabolism, and transmit signals. Researchers have now developed an intelligent neural network that can predict the functions of proteins in the human body. The team […]

Researchers block protein that plays a key role in Alzheimer’s disease

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J In recent years, it has become increasingly clear to researchers that the protein galectin-3 is involved in inflammatory diseases in the brain. A study now shows the de facto key role played by the protein in Alzheimer’s disease. When the researchers shut off the gene that produces this protein in mice, the amount of […]

Surfers Spot Deer Struggling To Swim In Frigid 50-Degree Ocean, So They Band Together To Save It

Imagine you’re hanging out on the beach on a cool, cloudy day, hoping to catch some big waves with your friends and other fellow surfers. But then you see a mysterious creature bobbing up and down in the ocean that doesn’t seem like it should be in the ocean… What would you do? A group […]

Feeling healthy: A good start, but not always a good indicator of heart disease risk

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J Most people feel they have a general idea of how healthy they are based on their diet and exercise regimen and how often they get sick. But a new study adds to evidence that how healthy people think they are isn’t always an accurate indicator of their risk for cardiovascular disease. Vía Latest Science […]

This Is How Jennifer Aniston Has a Guaranteed Good Hair Day, Every Damn Day

For me, there’s one celebrity who epitomizes the very concept of a great hair day: Jennifer Aniston. From her cult “Rachel” haircut of the ’90s to her distinctive bouncy waves of today, Aniston just might have the most iconic hair in the business. In fact, I can’t think of a single time I’ve seen her […]

Three quit Montreal contest

We’ve been informed that contestants William Lee, Stephen Kim, and Stella Chen have withdrawn two weeks before the Concours musical international de Montréal (CMIM). Kim and Chen are presently contesting as finalists in the Queen Elisabeth competition in Brussels. Kim has also been accepted into the Tchaikovsky competition. The Canadian violinist Melody Ye Yuan has […]

BBRG: Index Funds Don’t Hurt Consumers, But Monopolies Do

Index Funds Don’t Hurt Consumers, But Monopolies Do Critics of passive investing blame the wrong thing for higher prices in some industries. Bloomberg, May 14, 2019       As we discussed yesterday, there are some who have aligned against indexing with a novel theory that this somehow works against consumers and competition. The examples… […]

Combination therapy advisable for bowel disorder IBS

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J The more abnormalities in intestinal and brain function that IBS sufferers have, the more severe their symptoms of this functional bowel disorder, and the more adversely their everyday life is affected. This is shown by a study indicating that patients with IBS should get treatments for different abnormalities simultaneously, to improve both bowel function […]

For-profit dialysis provider charges private insurers 4 times more than government payers

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J Private insurers covering people receiving treatment for dialysis paid four times more than government insurance programs such as Medicare paid for the same service. Government programs paid, on average, $248 per dialysis session, compared with $1,041 per session for people with private insurance. Vía Latest Science News — ScienceDaily http://bit.ly/2HpDLiO

Japan’s real-world Pikachu Outbreak 2019 dates announced, so make your travel plans now!

The Pokémon will be staying up late this year so you can bask in their adorableness while staying out of the scorching sun. We’ve been seeing a lot of Pikachu recently, what with his starring role in the Pokémon Detective Pikachu live-action movie and corresponding special sleuthing version in Pokémon GO. But Pikachu’s status as […]

Chinese vlogger shows trying to eat live octopus is a terrible idea as creature fights back【Vid】

Attempting to eat seafood this fresh is a sucker bet, and this time the suckers won. Look, we realize that SoraNews24 can’t get on too high of a horse when telling people they should eat sensibly. Previously, in pursuit of bold, new culinary experiences we’ve eaten such things as two different sweet desserts made with […]

Hong Kong’s justice department will not challenge sentences on Occupy leaders, citing ‘insufficient legal basis’

Hong Kong’s justice department announced on Wednesday it had decided not to challenge sentences passed on pro-democracy leaders and activists found guilty over the 2014 Occupy protests, saying it saw no legal basis that the penalties were lenient.The decision, which allays their supporters’ concerns, meant the four who had been spared jail by the court […]

Sweet potatoes for bait and one-door cages – why Hong Kong’s old-style pest control methods are under fire after latest cases of rat hepatitis E infection in humans

Hong Kong’s pest control teams are unable to catch rodents because they use old-style trapping methods including sweet potatoes for bait, critics said on Wednesday, a day after three new cases of the rat hepatitis E infection in humans were revealed.Other complaints included a lack of support for private housing estates to tackle rats.Officials stepped […]

Air con firms including Hitachi overstate performance of Hong Kong units, Consumer Council testing reveals

The vast majority of air conditioners tested in Hong Kong have failed to live up to manufacturers’ promises over performance, according to the city’s consumer watchdog.The Consumer Council examined 14 window air conditioners and found the cooling capacity of 12 was lower than the claimed value by between 0.9 and 3.2 per cent.Nora Tam Fung-yee, […]