HK WebaSEE: We won’t leave anyone behind



Near midnight, as the demonstrators who stayed in the Legislative Council gradually dispersed, there were still four demonstrators who stayed in the Legislative Council and gathered in front of the rostrum.

At this time, many demonstrators who had left were suddenly flooding into the Legislative Council. The media reporters witnessed them shouting “to withdraw together and withdraw together” and to take away four “Yi Shi” who remained in the Chamber of Deputies.

 In the live broadcast of Stand News, the demonstrators told reporters that when they heard that four people were still in the Chamber, they decided to go back to the four demonstrators and decided to pull them away together. “They don’t Let us not leave, let us push them together.” When the reporter continued to ask: “It is very close to the dead line of 12 o’clock. Are you afraid that you will not be able to come in?”

The demonstrator who came in and raised people cried and said, “Everyone is frightening, but still, what it is for if we cannot see these four people tomorrow.” “I wanted to respect the decisions they wanted to stay behind, but as we came together. It’s the decision of all of us to leave together.”

Photo: Lin Zhendong / Duan Media




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