GPS project for tracking livestock launched in Kazakhstan

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NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – A pilot project for the introduction of devices to monitor the movement of cattle, worth $700,000 was launched in the Almaty region, south of Kazakhstan, with the support of JSC National Company Kazakhinvest.

Developers – the South Korean company Lives’Talk and Samsung Electronics – have installed 15 antennas in the Kegen district of the Almaty region to operate the devices.

Each GPS device is a kit, which costs about $300. The first 50 sets, within the framework of the project launch, the developers gave to local farmers for free,” Lives’Talk General Director Yury Yon said. “The lack of Internet in this area creates a special need for our product, in the face of annual livestock losses on high mountain pastures. So, on average, up to 10% of livestock is lost per year. Our tracking system is currently the only one in Kazakhstan that can operate without the Internet,” he added.

Kanat Moldasanov, chairman of the Kұmtөken farm, breeds about 400 horses, cows and more than 2,000 sheep on his farm in the Kegen district. According to the farmer, the highlands where his farm is located make it difficult to control the movement of grazing cattle. If in the morning to bring a flock of sheep and a herd of horses in one place, in the evening they can graze a few kilometres away. According to the Moldasanov, modern technologies are needed in this area to preserve his livestock.

The pilot project is scheduled for completion in September 2019.



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