Hero tweets the events of ‘Independence Day’ in real time


On this most treasured of American holidays, it’s only appropriate that someone has figured out how to use Twitter to pay homage to one of the greatest American films of all time, Independence Day

Twitter account @1996ID4 has been “live-tweeting” events of the 1996 Will Smith film in real time for several days now and with this, our independence day, now upon us, it’s time to follow the actions of the climactic battle as it unfolds. 

BREAKING from Washington: President Whitmore will address the nation at 3:00pm EDT.

— ID4 in Real Time (@1996ID4) July 2, 2019

BREAKING NEWS!!!! A source inside the White House says that NORAD has confirmed that the unidentified object pass by the moon is indeed a spacecraft not from this planet. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

— ID4 in Real Time (@1996ID4) July 2, 2019 Read more…

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source https://mashable.com/article/live-tweet-independence-day-film-real-time/

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