Aux origines de Bioman, les super-héros japonais en lycra

Avec ses héros en combinaison de lycra, la série japonaise Bioman a marqué les esprits français à la fin des années 1980. Cette série est issue d’un genre super-héroïque très codifié : le sentai. Explications. source

Chinese economists warn Beijing to prepare for decoupling from US

An economic decoupling from the United States is looking more likely and China should get ready, scholars in Beijing warned on Saturday, a year after US President Donald Trump fired the first shot in the trade war.The break-up of the world’s two biggest economies was gradually becoming a real possibility as Beijing and Washington clashed […]

Chinese envoy says Beijing ‘not interested in a diplomatic war’ with Britain

China’s ambassador to London on Sunday said Beijing was “not interested in a diplomatic war” with Britain, after a week of trading barbs over Hong Kong, and that it had “full confidence” the city’s government could handle the situation there.Liu Xiaoming said he was “very much” angry when he lambasted London last week over its […]

Is China’s propaganda machine losing the public relations battle with the US?

During a lecture at Renmin University in Beijing last week, prominent economist Yu Yongding had a question: why have none of the Chinese companies accused of intellectual property theft by the US spoken out to defend themselves and dispute the charges?“China has failed very much in this propaganda war,” said Yu, a former adviser to […]

Top 90 Luxury Trends in July – From Reitalized Lush Villas to Egyptian-Inspired Marble Chairs (

( The list of July 2019 luxury trends deliver elements that bring lifestyle concepts to the next elevated level, bridging closer experiences with premium components. These ideas are exercised through… More:

Box Office: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Debuts With Heroic $185 Million

LOS ANGELES, July 7, ( – Superheroes were once again around to save the day as “Spider-Man: Far From Home” ignited a much-needed boost in the domestic box office. The web-slinging adventure easily dominated in North America, delivering a $185 million debut from 4,636 venues during its first six days in theaters. Read More More: […]

Mass rally draws tens of thousands to streets of Kowloon in protest against Hong Kong extradition bill

The first mass rally on the streets of Kowloon against the Hong Kong government’s extradition bill ended on Sunday night after an estimated 230,000 protesters marched peacefully through the bustling tourist hub of Tsim Sha Tsui to the city’s cross-border, high-speed railway station.Organisers said the turnout was far bigger than they had expected and they […]

Japan used chemical weapons in war against China and now there’s a military report to prove it, historian says

The existence of a detailed report documenting the use of chemical weapons by the Imperial Japanese Army in China has been confirmed for the first time, a Japanese historian said Sunday.The official report, compiled by a frontline nerve gas battalion of the Japanese army posted in northern China, recorded that the unit used munitions containing […]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi seeks Eastern European support for Belt and Road Initiative

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi started a week-long tour of three Eastern European nations on Sunday.Analysts said Wang’s visit to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary was aimed at garnering more support for the Belt and Road Initiative – Beijing’s transcontinental infrastructure project – and to try to expand China’s influence in case the new EU leadership […]