Renew Europe to block Fidesz and PiS nominees in parliamentary committees

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The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament is set to block Fidesz and PiS nominees in parliamentary committees.

At today’s group meeting members of Renew Europe unanimously adopted a proposal to vote against candidates of the governing Fidesz (HU) and PiS (PL) parties, in their bid to become Parliamentary Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs. The previous parliament adopted resolutions both in the case of Poland and Hungary to launch Article 7 procedures against both Governments, who are clearly in breach of European values.

New Europe has previously revealed some of the names expected to get Committee Chairs, including the ECR Group’s Beata Szydło, who was set to get the Employment and Social Affairs Chair. The S&D had also challenged this nomination according to a document seen by New Europe.

Dacian Cioloş Renew Europe’s President said: “Renew Europe is founded on values, supporting democracy and the rule of law. Tomorrow we will not vote candidates for committee chairs or vice-chairs who are from governing parties from countries subject to an article 7 procedure. Renew Europe recommends the EPP and ECR put forward more suitable candidates, who respect our common European values.”



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