The 9 Best Brands for Plain White Tanks

There’s a question that pops into everyone’s head on summer mornings: What can I wear that won’t have me sweating to death? Amid the general morning chaos, we can see how this question would seem like a tricky one, but lucky for you, we have the perfect solution—basic white tank tops. Whether you’re keeping the rest of your outfit minimal with a pair of high-waisted jeans and chunky sneakers, or are elevating it with a slip skirt and gold jewelry, a basic white tank top lends a helping hand to more sartorial situations than you’d think.

Don’t believe us? Check out this story on how fashion girls have been styling the basic this summer and you’ll quickly change your mind. Great, now that you’ve been convinced a basic white tank top is all you need to improve your style and overall quality of life, we’re here to tell you which brands do the damn thing the best. Ahead, shop the nine best brands for plain white tanks, along with our favorite styles from each. After this, all you have to do is add them to your cart and enjoy the countless outfit options that lie ahead.

Known for its repurposed denim, Re/done’s best-kept secret is its white tank tops. A favorite among fashion girls, these tanks are worth the slightly higher price tag.

Another fan-favorite denim brand, Agolde slays when it comes to the perfect fit and cut of a white tank top. Surprise, surprise—they look really good with jeans. 

One word: cheap. Buy these in bulk and don’t look back. 

Aritzia will pretty much cover all of your white tank top needs and wants, from ribbed and tight to loose and sporty. If you’re in the market for one right now, I’d suggest shopping the sale before all the good stuff is gone. 

Bet you haven’t thought about Brandy Melville in a hot second, but it’s actually our secret spot for sourcing cheap basics, including the classic white tank top. 

Hot tip: Buy these from the men’s or boy’s section, and buy them in bulk. The men’s styles fit more true to the kinds of white tanks that are trending right now. 

Reformation’s tanks are gold. They fit like a glove, are insanely flattering, and are surprisingly affordable. 

Another newer fashion girl–favorite brand right now is The Range, thanks to its racer-front and perfectly cropped cotton tanks. 

Last but not least, the Gap has become a recent favorite of mine when it comes to good basics. With an iconic brand like this, you really can’t go wrong. 

Next up, shop more white tank tops fashion girls have been wearing nonstop this summer.


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