5 Trends Jennifer Aniston Would Buy (and 3 She Would Skip)

When you think of Jennifer Aniston’s aesthetic, the word that probably comes to mind the least is “trendy.” The actress has cultivated a classic style that’s seamlessly glided from one decade to the next with its structured blazers, simple tees, blue jeans, and the like. She embodies West Coast ease with her wardrobe of tried-and-true pieces, and that’s why we keep going back to her for ways to perfect our staples. That said, we’re always curious to know which trends our favorite celebrities love and hate, and that’s why we came up with a list of current items we suspect Aniston would buy into—and which ones she’d ditch. Scroll down to see if you agree with our list and shop the trends you like for summer.

Because Aniston has mastered the art of polished dressing, we suspect she’d be great at taking wide-leg denim and contrasting it with a simple crewneck sweater and classic belt (as seen above). The voluminous silhouette has been all over the street style scene as of late, and her approach is wearable and relaxed.

A little black dress is a staple in Aniston’s wardrobe—especially a slightly edgier leather iteration. We think she’d be game to try a piece of summer leather this season, even if it’s cut in a trendier silhouette like an A-line miniskirt or jacket.

Across-the-shoulder bags and sleek fanny packs are still in the trend circuit, and we suspect Aniston would pull the look off rather well.

Lest we forget Aniston’s Friends looks that skillfully mixed pieces that looked like they were snagged from her boyfriend’s closet; menswear-inspired suiting is a trend she’s definitely equipped for.

Though her looks are typically pared-down, where she lets a little flamboyancy out is with her accessories, which is why we think she’d ascribe to the statement earrings trend that’s swept the scene the last couple of years.

You may have noticed from the looks above that Aniston rarely delves into a bold color scheme—and it works. We can’t imagine she’ll be wearing slime green anytime soon.

Though bold earrings are sure to be spotted on Aniston’s lobes, summer’s granny-inspired sunglasses chains trend is probably a look she’d say no to. Her aesthetic is more modern, and the retro vibe wouldn’t mesh well with her wardrobe.

Though we’re sure she’d look great in them, Aniston tends to opt for a mini hemline or pants, and that’s why we don’t envision the actress embracing Bermuda shorts.

Next: the one dress Jennifer Aniston has been wearing for years.

source https://www.whowhatwear.com/jennifer-aniston-trends

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