[Panda Arts] We Bring Downed Tree Logs To Life By Turning Them Into Unique Furniture


We have dedicated our whole life to nature with which we have grown and matured, from which we have learned and which we have preserved. Oh yes, it can sometimes be cruel, but even in that regard, it impresses us and leaves us breathless. It inspires us in all respects, so we have risen to the challenge of finding a new artistic expression. Our unique pieces of furniture are at the same time functional pieces of art. They are a part of our soul, a part of the primeval nature made entirely out of a single piece of wood, and not just any piece, but a special one, grown resisting the brutal strength of water, wind and the harshness of the Sun, a piece which we happened upon during our stroll in the woods.

We do not cut down, we do not destroy, but seek out downed tree limbs toppled by fierce wind storms or driftwood from the local creek. But, in that moment of discovery, all it takes is a tiny spark in the artist’s eye and in his vision the piece becomes what it was always meant to be. It is as if the artist is speaking to the wood or better yet, making love to it because without such a relationship these unique pieces, these works of art wouldn’t exist.

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Chair “Svarun Rustic”

This is the first chair author made and its name says it all – Svarun – the supreme Slavic deity responsible for the creation of the world. This chair was the foundation upon which the rest of the furniture ideas were developed. It is the source and the inspiration resulting in a new elegance, compactness, firmness and shapes. Just as the Slavic myth tells the following story – the father of all the gods, the heaven and earth dwelled in a golden cosmic egg which, under the influence of life forces, cracked and created light, ethereal primeval creator of heaven under which everything is born and takes place, the primeval god of light of the universe, Svarog – so did the artist’s genius matured while his artistic energy literally exploded once he began making this chair. The backrest is stylistically shaped to form the letter A – signifying the beginning of everything. The seat forms an extended circle and the ring texture matches its pattern from the darker centre to the purely light outer layers. It resounds with simplicity, wholeness and self-sufficiency so it lacks the armrests which in this case would be superfluous. A unique piece, just as Svarun is the one and only.


“Svarun Aqua”


Chair “Satyrs”

Chairs without a backrest with legs evocative of dancing with nymphs to the sounds of cymbals, bagpipes and finger cymbals. Wood and legends have inspired the artist to express himself through the blades of his wood carving tools in such a manner that even a single detail makes the beholder become aware of its discernible connection to satyrs.

“Satyrs Rustic”


“Satyrs Rustic”

Chair “Daba”

Daba, Dažbog is the god of fertility, the Sun, the protector of weddings, nature, wealth, giving and aid. For this piece, the artist chose richly ornamented poplar base material. The backrest with full back support consists of clean lines stretching across the whole length of the back, while the upper section is extended and also functions as a headrest. The middle darker part of the rest reminds us of a daily movement of the sun descending to the seat and transforming into the Moon – actually going to rest. The edge of the circle (seat) slowly slopes into a semi-circle with stable and firm legs reminiscent of those of the ungulates protruding from it. Daba chair is inspired by Svarun chair and as every piece listed here is unique and made out of single piece of poplar.

“Daba Ignis”

Chair “Veles”

Slavic god of nature and arcane knowledge of laws of nature, the god of magic. One look at this piece clearly suggests that the artist magically shaped this ”regal” chair. It emanates strength and firmness (Volos/ Veles is also the god of cattle and the scientists claim that the Croatian word ”vol” meaning the ox derives from the name as well). The left ear protruding from the backrest reminds us of an ox horn as well as the first letter of its name in Croatian. It is an interesting, asymmetrical but functional shape. The author played with geometrical shapes – the backrest portrays two stylized triangles while the armrests are shaped like two rectangles. The seat is decorated with annual rings and epoxides stretching from the centre to the edges which symbolize and mirror sun rays. The position of the legs suggests movement – because the God of nature is always in motion and cyclically maintains its balance.


Chair “Makha”

The material out of which this elegant bar stool is made has transported the artist into the mystical time of the feminine pagan deity – Makha. The chair is evocative of mystical feminine beauty. It gives off an impression of deep-rooted attachment to one’s hearth (female deity Makha symbolizes the cult of the Mother Earth).

“Makha Rustic”


“Makha Ignis”


“Makha Ignis”

Table “Domus Magma”

This reclining table simply craves to be placed next to a warm hearth, place where the whole family gathers and tells stories during long winter nights. Vivid annual rings weave legends of Domavoj and Brlić’s household spirits Domaći who lay in waiting to protect the residents and their cattle in the barn if need be.

“Domus Aqua”

Table “Perun”

It is as almost as Perun presides over the lush nearby oak forest Prašnik where oaks have withstood for centuries the wind and the lightning. The artist has conveyed the stability of the oak tree through this table with the out of the ordinary leg base which guarantees unusual stability. The annual rings tell the tales of many centuries ago, and the legs are positioned as if in flight carrying Perun off to new military victories.

“Perun” & “Makha”

Sink “Banik”

The artist’s idea to carve a sink in the trunk displaying vivid cellural structure introduces us to the legend of Banik. Banik is a ghost, and according to Old Slavic mythology, it resides in baths. These are spaces such as bathrooms, saunas and the delivery rooms, and due to female life forces (the creation of a new life) it was believed that he can foretell the future.


This bathtub was made out of 3t heavy tree trunk that was driven by flood water in the nearby forest. This is our largest project so far. It was truly challenging to make it to its finest and preserve its natural form. It took us 9 months of effort to finish this unique bathtub. Black epoxy is used to fill cracks and voids and simultaneously highlight the imperfections of the wood. This extraordinary bathtub provides very satisfactory relaxation for everyone, especially couples.


Vía Art – Bored Panda https://ift.tt/2GkBmq3

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