The Summer Trends 10 Out of 10 Fashion Girls Will Wear

Take a glance at any fashion site and you’ll quickly deduce that there are a lot of summer fashion trends floating around. It’s the season in which style hits its all-time high. Without any pesky inclement weather restrictions (save for stifling humidity), it’s an ideal time to go bold and pack on the trends. But as with most things in life, the more options there are, the more debilitating it can feel to figure out which ones to try out. To lend a helping hand, we’ve scoured through just about every fashion influencer’s feed to suss out which trends are taking off worldwide. Ahead are the nine summer items almost every fashion-forward lady is already adding to her closet.

Good luck trying to bypass this trend. Like leopard print, it’s become a common addition to almost every collection. Most fashion girls tend toward matching tie-dye sets and summer camp–reminiscent T-shirts, but why stop there? Explorethe many diverse ways you can get in on the trend with sandals, bucket hats, and more.

Finally, a proper alternative to those body-hugging bike shorts. Bermuda shorts are having a major moment in the form of denim, linen, satin, and everything in between.

If you’re buying traditional round-front sandals, you’re doing it wrong. Almost every influencer is stepping outing square-toe iterations, be whether they’re square-toe flip-flops, wedges, or proper heels.

Fashion girls are often set apart by their attention to detail as well as their proficiency in mastering layering. Just take a look at any street style gallery to see for yourself. Turns out a little summer sun isn’t going to stop them from putting their skills to use. To keep cool, they’re layering an assortment of sheer pieces both over and under their clothing.

The ’90s trend train isn’t pulling into the station any time soon. The shoulder bag is the latest item making a comeback thanks to Dior’s baguette relaunch and By Far’s ubiquitous Rachel bag.

Fashion girls love an eye-catching ensemble, and what’s more showstopping than head-to-toe neon?

+ Costa Embellished Ribbed Cotton Midi Skirt ($155)

Add this to your vacation essentials list. Ever since Jacquemus made La Bomba a way of life, big straw hats have become a fashion-girl summer must-have.

This nostalgic trend is getting an adult upgrade. Instead of beaded anklets made at camp, the jewelry now comes in an array of pearls, gem stones, shells, and more.

Fashion girls, especially in urban cities, love a shoe that enables comfort. The sporty sandal is one trend the sartorial world is welcoming with open arms.

Up next: 15 fresh ways to style the #1 shoe trend of the summer.


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