The 4 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (& 2 Ways to See Sharon Tate)

So, I think I may have Quentin Tarantino FOMO. This past month, I’ve mostly been home in Korea, where the latest Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, has not yet been released. I’ve seen some reactions online in my peripheral vision, while trying my best to avoid lengthy plot descriptions. The basic premise is […]

3 Months, $378, and Infinite Feelings Later: Crystal Anderson’s Outfit Anatomy

Welcome to Outfit Anatomy, a new series on Man Repeller that aims to break down what we wear by answering questions like: How much did that cost? Where did you find that? Why did you buy it in the first place? Up today: Man Repeller’s production manager, Crystal Anderson, breaking down an outfit she wore to […]

Tequila Can Be Made Sustainably, but That Doesn’t Mean It Necessarily Is

“Agave is not in danger,” says Antonio Rodriguez, director of production at Patrón. Despite the 2018 news reports that an agave shortage was threatening tequila and mezcal production, and Mexican ecosystems, Rodriguez believes the crop is not in crisis. The abundant agave harvest did drive prices down, Rodriguez says, but “from now into the future, […]

10 Things You Should Know About Sassicaia

When Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta married Marchesa Clarice della Gherardesca in 1930, her dowry included the 7,500-acre Tenuta San Guido estate. Nowadays, the estate is better known by the name of its world-famous wine, Sassicaia. Located in coastal Tuscany outside the village of Bolgheri, production in the region traditionally focused on light, easy-drinking wines, […]

Celeb Look of the Week: Hunter Schafer Makes a Strong Case for Fancy Socks

Welcome to Celeb Look of the Week! An MR column wherein one member of our editorial team, once a week, waxes poetic about one recently worn celeb outfit they can’t stop thinking about. For this installment, Harling examines Hunter Schafer’s impressive sock game. Two years ago, my esteemed former colleague Amelia Diamond publicly acknowledged something […]

Diversity-Centric Job Titles – Luxe Label Chanel Appointed Its First Head of Diversity and Inclusion (

( Given the growing consumer consciousness of the 21st century, being tolerant and not overshooting one’s ability to weigh in on issues becomes central and that is why titles like Head of… More:

Brand-Inspired Graphic Sticker Packs – Leo Natsume’s Kings of the Weekend is Commissioned by Huawei (

( For his ultra-bubbly graphic sticker pack, Porto Alegre-based creative designer Leo Natsume extends his uplifting approach to aesthetics. The project is commissioned by the Huawei Design team and… More:

Sustainable dining: Hong Kong restaurants that source food locally, cut waste, recycle and compost At Nectar, the Hong Kong fine-dining vegetarian restaurant that evolved from chef and founder Peggy Chan’s first project, Grassroots Pantry, more than 90 per cent of the ingredients are locally grown. Considering that Hong Kong imports more than 90 per cent of its food, this is impressive. It has taken six years, basically since Chan […]

Chic Formal Streetwear Capsules – PUMA & RHUDE is an Upscale Collaboration That Mixes Stylistics (

( The world of formal streetwear opens up as sports brand PUMA joins forces with Los Angeles-based designer Rhuigi Villaseñor for the first-ever RHUDE collaboration. First and foremost, the fashion-… More: