Celeb Look of the Week: Hunter Schafer Makes a Strong Case for Fancy Socks

Welcome to Celeb Look of the Week! An MR column wherein one member of our editorial team, once a week, waxes poetic about one recently worn celeb outfit they can’t stop thinking about. For this installment, Harling examines Hunter Schafer’s impressive sock game.

Two years ago, my esteemed former colleague Amelia Diamond publicly acknowledged something we’ve probably observed for decades without fully metabolizing it: Red carpet footwear is, by and large, sleepier than a hibernating bear. Peppered with a steady stream of skin-colored high-heel sandals and basic black pumps, it has historically been a wasteland when it comes to any evidence of below-the-ankle creativity whatsoever.Hunter Schafer

Imagine my delight, then, when Hunter Schafer, of burgeoning Euphoria fame, rebelled against this widely established truth during three recent public appearances. Her choice of footwear has been interesting in its own right, from lace-up ankle booties to glossy turquoise heels, but that’s not even what I’m excited about. The source of my thrill comes from what’s inside the shoes: not just feet, but socks, too. Beautiful socks! With heels and dresses!

This styling trick is not a new one, and is actually quite popular amongst editorial stylists, bloggers, and other fashion folk, but it IS a new one on the celebrity red carpet/talk-show circuit. Or at least, it’s exceedingly uncommon, which is why it’s fun to see Hunter leaning into it with the kind of vigor that three times in close succession can handily convey.

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Hunter Schafer

The first occurred on June 15th at the MTV Movie & TV awards, where she wore a long, multicolored midi dress with white lace-up heeled booties and sheer white socks. The second and third were both dispatched this week on July 23rd, by way of a pink and green outfit worthy of Blair Waldorf and the same sheer white socks, and a rainbow tinsel dress accented by a pink and purple ombre (!) pair.

Each of these outfits makes an exceptionally strong case for the idea of extra special occasion socks—socks you trot out for national press tours or, you know, your grandmother’s holiday party. Not just because they save your feet from blisters and sweat, but because they are fully and inextricably part of the LOOK (perhaps even, in some cases, the most important part). They’re also the best hack for livening up an otherwise standard red carpet ensemble since Rihanna’s tiny sunglasses at Cannes, so take note, celebs! The power of a fancy toe sweater is not to be underestimated.

Photos by David Crotty/Dominik Bindl/NBC via Getty Images.

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