Unique Employee Benefits in Japan


Every job comes with some type of benefits given by the company.
Japan, known for having its quirky sides, has countless kinds of quite interesting employee benefits…

POWER NAP 制度」(Power Nap System)

Admit it. We’ve all had those nights where we accidentally binged a show on Netflix and came into work the next morning utterly sleep deprived. At OKUTA, they allow you to have 15-minute power naps so you don’t pass out during the day! Although that may not sound like enough for many, trust me, those few minutes can be life changing.

「バンジージャンプ支援制度」(Bungee Jump Experience)

Yep, you read it right. At Tribal Media House, they have a Bungee Jump Experience benefit. Once a year, you have the opportunity to go bungee jumping. The company’s goal was for the employees to be able to experience something life-changing and come back with a new perspective. Who knows, maybe we all just need to go bungee jumping when we’re lacking some spice in our daily lives.

「失恋休暇」(“Heart Break” Vacation)

Heartbreaks—we’ve all experienced them at one point in life. (The most recent heartbreak I dealt with was when my fictional crush got with another girl in the story.) Sometimes when you’re so heartbroken, you can’t really function because your emotions are going wild. That’s where Chikara Corporation comes to save the day. They allow you to take a day or two off, in order to heal that heart of yours! You know what they say, “time heals all wounds”.


Heck yes! What’s life in Japan without any rice? At Adways, whenever it’s an employee’s family member’s birthday, they send a bag of rice along with a picture of that employee working away (I mean hey, it’s a good way to subtly let them know the rice is there thanks to you). This benefit sounds just as random as many of the previous ones mentioned, but who wouldn’t want some free rice?

Despite how Japan has a reputation for being cold and strict when it comes to working environments, many companies are slowly loosening up and finding their own colors through these unique benefits.

What benefit seemed the most appealing to you? If you were the head of a company, what benefits would you give to your employees?

Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more posts on Japan!

By Eiko
Student at ICU and summer intern at TalentHub.

👉Read more TalentHub blogs: https://talenthub.jp/blog/?lang=en

Sourcing fromTalentHub JP. Further reading: https://ift.tt/2OKaUMU

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