8 Things to Be for Halloween if You’re Obsessed With the Early 2000s


While some may cringe at the thought of the early 2000s, we’re talking about the era that brought us iconic staples like AOL Instant Messenger, MySpace, and teen magazines. And while those things blazed the path for major discoveries to follow (read: Instagram), perhaps the most notable things to come out of the early aughts came out of its pop culture. Between the shows nearly everyone was watching and the accompanying fashion trends, there’s no doubt that the decade is one to remember. So what better way to pay homage to the decade than with a cool ’00s Halloween costume?

Whether you grew up in the early 2000s as a teen or a tween, there are some moments that will forever be engrained into your memory—especially those of the fashion variety. Therefore, going as your favorite star from the decade will bring a whole new level of nostalgia. If you aren’t sure what early aughts icon you want to be this year, scroll down to see nine easy options. Whether you opt to learn the dance moves from your favorite boy band’s most popular music video or decide to channel classic characters like Lizzie McGuire (hair clips and all), there’s no question that this will be one of the best Halloweens yet.

Considering all of its iconic quotes, you can’t think about the early aughts without thinking about Mean Girls. Sport a bubblegum-pink ensemble with a micro-mini and you’ll be all set.

If you tuned in to the Disney Channel during the early aughts, chances are you came across Penny Proud and her family in Proud Family. Channel the teen’s look with an on-trend cardigan and a classic corduroy skirt.

Going to a Halloween party with your friends? Dress up as the Cheetah Girls with anything featuring the timeless animal print.

If you enjoy iconic indie films of the early aughts, you can’t go wrong as Margot Tenenbaum this Halloween. Sport a faux-fur jacket with hair clips in your hair; then add smudged black eyeliner to master this ‘fit.

Was there anything as distinctly 2000s as Marissa Cooper’s tops-and-jeans combo on The O.C.? We think not.

Another movie chock-full of undoubtedly quotable moments, Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods has become an icon of the decade, making her a perfect option for a 2000s costume.

Between the hype over Lizzie McGuire’s return and the rise of early aughts trends like hair clips, we can’t think of a better costume for Halloween.

What would the early aughts be without boy bands? No matter what band you’re channeling, to master this trend, all you need is an oversize tee or button-down and baggy jeans. To take it to the next level, be sure to sport tinted sunglasses.

Up next, check out all the accessories Carrie Bradshaw would wear in 2019.

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