9 Iconic Anti-Aging Eye Creams, and Their More Affordable Dupes


We know we’re not alone when we say that we could easily spend a large chunk of our salaries on skincare. Between the constant new launches and those OG holy grails, there are just too many opportunities to shop. As beauty editors, we’re lucky enough to have access to the most luxurious products on the market, but we’re well aware that it’s not always feasible to shell out so much money on lotions and potions—especially on a polarizing product like eye cream.

Some folks swear by the stuff for refining fine lines and keeping puffiness at bay, while others just don’t see the point. We happen to identify with the former and as such are quite looped into the formulas that perform best. On the other hand, we’re committed to bringing you the affordable options that still get the job done. Luckily, there are plenty of lower-cost products that can help mitigate the effects that aging has on the delicate orbital skin.

Here, find nine iconic eye creams beauty insiders swear by and the similar, more affordable dupes that will help you leave tired eyes in 2019. Just because there are bags under your eyes doesn’t mean you have to pay designer prices to get rid of them. (Unless you want to, in which case, you also have our blessing.)

Savings: $80. How they’re similar: The hero ingredient in both of these potent eye treatments is albizia bark, otherwise known as Persian silk tree. This extract can help eliminate toxic collagen inhibitors like glycogens. On top of reducing the appearance of crow’s-feet and other fine lines, you can also expect either of these products to de-puff and brighten the eye area.

Savings: $50. How they’re similar: You can thank a number of exfoliating and hydrating acids and highly efficacious stabilized vitamin C for the lifting and plumping effects you’ll see when using these science-backed formulations. Both are highly respected among skincare professionals, so you really can’t go wrong here.

Savings: $134. How they’re similar: While the Royal Fern option is beloved for its ultra-clean approach to effective, result-oriented skincare, the price tag certainly says a lot about the barrier of entry for experiencing the products. While you’re saving up, try the similarly natural select by Korean label Miracle Age, which boasts cooling aloe, moisturizing shea butter, and plumping ceramides.

Savings: $70. How they’re similar: Aloe barbadensis leaf extract is at the forefront of both of these plant-based products. Each of their ingredient lists is densely populated with organic, botanical ingredients that deliver youth-preserving results.

Savings: $66. How they’re similar: While the PCA Skin version is admittedly more advanced in its formulation (hello, orange stem cells!), each of these formulas contains wrinkle-reducing peptides as well as light-reflecting titanium dioxide.

Savings: $72. How they’re similar: It’s no surprise that the Goop option is cleaner than the Mario Badescu cream (and most others on the market, honestly), but olive leaf drives the hydration factor in both formulas. You’ll get a luxurious-feeling, deeply hydrating cream either way.

Savings: $69. How they’re similar: Powerful, yet natural, blueberry is the antioxidant that helps each of these creams reverse the signs of damage while also preventing new lines and wrinkles from setting in.

Savings: $63. How they’re similar: Retinoids are at play here, with SkinMedica’s use of vitamin A and Olay’s implementation of retinol. In addition to smoothing out the delicate eye area, both formulas visibly firm and brighten while also working to even out the skin tone.

Savings: $44. How they’re similar: Both of these lightweight gel creams absorb quickly and offer skin-firming effects from tree barks and peptides. The Dermalogica utilizes retinol to encourage cell turnover, while red algae and seaweed help the First Aid Beauty select deliver similar results. Up next, I have access to free beauty products, and I still choose these drugstore buys.

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