The Pros and Cons of Fall’s Biggest Denim, Jewelry, and Shoe Trends

As a fashion person (hey there), you’re probably well-versed in many of the top new fall trends. Furthermore, you’ve probably tested out a few of the key looks. That said, there also may be a handful on your must-try list that you haven’t quite hit the gas on yet. Sure, this may be because of the lack of time (autumn really has just begun), but it also could be due to the intimidating nature of said trends.

Don’t worry—we get it. In fact, we wanted to take a deeper look into this by digging into the pros and cons of the top trends in some of the most popular fashion categories. And we tapped the experts—namely, Melissa Moylan, Hallie Spradlin, and Patricia Maeda—behind trend-forecasting mecca Fashion Snoops for guidance on why these key fall moments in jewelry, denim, and shoes are worthy of our attention.

So with all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the pros and cons of fall’s biggest trends, according to the insiders at Fashion Snoops. And when you’re ready to give the trends the green light (trust, you’ll eventually move on from the con aspects), we shopped each out as well.

Pro: “Think of these as your new skinny jeans. The high rise doesn’t mean we’re going into ‘mom’ jean territory; instead, it gives you a flattering fit when paired with a straight-leg shape. It’s a much-needed alternative to skintight jeans that look like leggings.”

Con: “The look could be a bit out of your comfort zone if you’re used to skinnies, but try it and look out for extra-long hems that slouch around the ankle. Wear with a tucked in top and pair with heels.” — Melissa Moylan, VP, creative, womenswear

Pro: “Entering the sartorial zeitgeist this season is the slouchy jean. Echoing fashion’s current obsession with the ’80s, this is a relaxed fit with a high waist and tapered or cuffed hem; a silhouette that is not only comfortable, but also surprisingly chic. Design details like front darts and paperbag waists are essential to the look, as we’ve seen from Isabel Marant, Alberta Ferretti, and Balmain.”

Con: “While it may seem hard to pull off the baggy jean trend, the secret to nailing the look is to balance it with more fitted tops and accessorize with a belt and heeled boots.” — Patricia Maeda, womenswear editor

Pro: “The wide-leg shape probably conjures up visions of the ’90s with loose fits, and that’s pretty much on point. Select styles look more like trousers, which could be considered a pro for the office.”

Con: “Wide-leg jeans are a commitment and pretty much require you to wear heels, which ultimately elongates your legs. An easier approach would be the cropped wide-leg jean—a culotte shape, if you will—made famous at Celine; it’s especially appropriate for those cooler fall days.” — Melissa Moylan

Pro: “The solid wood sole and optional platform are a great update to the staple mule silhouette this season.”

Con: “That same desired wood sole definitely makes an entrance, so be prepared to take that strut in stride.” — Hallie Spradlin, accessories director

Pro: “Western-inspired boots are still the coolest shoes to complete any look, and they still feel fresh as a silhouette this season.”

Con: “Any Western style boot can be intimidating for fear of looking too on-the-nose in the cowboy aesthetic, so sticking with minimal silhouettes with Western motifs is a great way to incorporate the look.” — Hallie Spradlin

Pro: “Ease and comfort are key for fall, so anything that can be slipped on to complete a look is encouraged.”

Con: “It’s been awhile since the ballet flat has had a true fashion moment, so it might take a while to warm up to the reemerging style. But try it.” —Hallie Spradlin

Pro: “The pearl renaissance has made its way onto choker silhouettes and barrettes, adding a flair of coolness that departs from the traditional pearl application.”

Con: “Trying to get some distance from the ‘ladies who lunch’ look feels intimidating, but it’s all about styling pearls with more tailored or streetwear pieces for a fresh look.” — Hallie Spradlin

Pro: “Mixing silver and gold is a modern way to style your existing jewelry collection or to introduce new statement pieces with dual metals.”

Con: “Wearing silver and gold at the same used to be taboo, but breaking that habit elevates jewelry this season.” — Hallie Spradlin

Pro: “Any injection of color and playfulness is welcome to this season’s wardrobe. Beaded necklaces, bracelets, or earrings allow a mix of new gemstones and materials to shine.”

Con: “Beaded jewelry can be intimidating for fear of looking childish, but elevated sets and enamel finishes are a mature way to adopt this trend.” — Hallie Spradlin

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