Restaurant Wine Lists Are Complicated, and Shouldn’t Be

At any restaurant or bar that serves wine, the wine list is an incredibly important document. Its purpose is to easily and efficiently communicate to guests what wines are available in a clear and concise fashion.

Yet, unfortunately, there are many wine lists floating around out there that seem to revel in being inscrutable to all but the most sophisticated and educated wine drinkers. Whether the aim is to impress other professionals and sommeliers, or to provide a measure of job security by flaunting industry insider knowledge, these lists do the drinker a massive disservice.

That’s why, on this week’s VinePair Podcast, Adam and Zach are joined by VinePair tastings director and former restaurant owner Keith Beavers to discuss why these cryptic lists exist, how restaurants can create more accessible wine lists, and other ways pros can help guests get more comfortable ordering wine.

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