Hop Take: Beer Industry Faces Taproom Closures, Layoffs, and Uncertain Future

In the last several weeks, the coronavirus and Covid-19 have left businesses reeling. Breweries, beer bars, and shops are stuck in a holding pattern as each navigates the pandemic’s arrival, and indeed, their own survival. Already, the effects of Covid-19 on the beer industry have been staggering. Annual beer industry events, including the Brewers Association’s […]

4 New York City-Based Experts on How to Make Your Clothes Last Much, Much Longer

I started working on this story a few weeks ago, when the stakes of the world felt quite different, and the hours I spent interviewing these experts constituted the bright part of my day. Listening to their stories, I learned about pockets of New York where Chris, Vincent, Miriam and Wayne focus on maintenance, repair […]

The Secret to Working From Home in a Small Space, According to People Who Really Know

As grateful as I am that I can work from home during this period of social isolation, I didn’t realize it would be a fairly challenging adjustment. This misconception was reinforced by my “grass is always greener” mentality that it actually… might be kind of nice? I assumed I would be hyper-productive with work, now […]

How to Give Back to Hospitality Professionals Impacted by Covid-19

First, a thank you to all of the listeners, readers, and followers who’ve contacted us to ask how you can help the drinks industry during this crisis. While everyone’s worlds have changed over the past week, hospitality workers have been among the hardest hit. Practically overnight, entire careers, companies, and communities have evaporated, and there’s […]