Sake, sashimi and all-night hours: Tokyo’s izakaya bars have it all Although many bars and restaurants in Japan remain open, medical professionals strongly recommend people refrain from congregating in small, crowded spaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For more information, visit“A n iza-what?!” says a friend visiting Tokyo, ready to eat his way through the city. This bewilderment reflects a general trend of […]

Tokyo revealed: Farmer-forward, artisanal products, stunning variety Farmers Market @UNU Farmers gather from throughout Japan in what might seem like incongruous surroundings: Tokyo’s upscale Aoyama district, known for its concentration of high-end fashion boutiques. Here the farmers sell organically and naturally grown produce as well as foods made with such ingredients — everything from tea to bread and sweets.Among the remarkable […]

Mornington Crescent: Great British baking finds a home in Tokyo B akeries of all sorts are popular across Japan, but often overlooked among the Parisian pastries is the humble art of British baking. In 2014, Stacey Ward, who felt she couldn’t get any proper British cakes in Japan, decided to take things into her own hands and opened Mornington Crescent bakery, named after a […]

Have an at-home hanami with these cherry blossom-flavored sweets This year’s hanami season is shaping up to be a weird one. The beginning of spring rarely forces people to choose between having a good time under the cherry blossoms and grappling with a pandemic, but that’s where we’re at in 2020.For those proactively practicing social distancing, it’s still possible to have a hanami […]

Suspended AR Effects – Facebook Will Not Longer Be Approving New AR Effects Due to COVID-19 (

( Facebook is currently suspending approvals for its AR effects during the outbreak of the coronavirus. The AR effects are used by content creators in order to produce assets for social media… More:

Restaurant review: Pondi in Sai Ying Pun serves delicious casual Indian-French dishes Cuisine: Indian-FrenchPrice: HK$233 per person without drinks or the service chargeAmbience: friendly and casual. The restaurant is down a very small street lined with proportionately small bars and restaurants. We were seated outdoors on a balmy evening.Pros: we were sceptical of the food, but liked everything we tasted. Everything on the menu sounded delicious […]