Informational COVID-19 Chatbots – WhatsApp and WHO Launched a Chatbot Providing COVID-19 Information (

( WhatsApp and WHO recently collaborated to create a chatbot that will dispense accurate information related to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Users on the WhatsApp platform will now have the… More:

Henderson Land, Hong Kong’s third biggest developer, sees challenging year ahead as 2019 profit slumps 26 per cent Henderson Land Development, the third largest developer in Hong Kong, sees a “challenging” year ahead after posting a 26 per cent drop in core profit for 2019.Chairmen Peter Lee Ka Kit and Martin Lee Ka-shing on Monday reported the company’s first set of annual results since taking over last year from their father, Lee […]

Virtually-Transitioned Race Leagues – Formula 1 Drivers Will Compete in Virtual Grand Prix Races (

( Formula 1 drivers will be competing in a virtual Grand Prix because the outbreak of COVID-19 is currently prohibiting races. The virtual Grand Prix series began on March 21st, where F1 drivers would… More:

The MR Review of Books: Edith and Tiffany E-Mail About the Best Stuff to Read Right Now

Welcome to the Man Repeller Review of Books, where we burrow into the virtual reading nook of our website and talk books. The format is bound to shapeshift, while the objective remains the same: to broaden the horizons of our reading queues and to consider books we might not have heard of otherwise by sharing […]

Mainland Chinese macro fund that has made 31 per cent this year is hoarding cash The slump in Chinese equities is no buying opportunity for one of the country’s top performing fund managers.“If you buy risk assets now amid this huge market volatility, you’ll easily end up getting buried,” said Lu Jun, founder of private fund Shanghai Congrong Investment Management, which manages US$1.1 billion in assets.Lu, a macro fund […]

Savory Gin Is In: Here’s How to Use These Salty, Spicy Spirits

Savory cocktails showcasing herbaceous flavors, and even salt or spice, have risen from a niche oddity to a menu mainstay. When combined properly, savory flavors can beautifully complement the other notes we more readily expect in a cocktail, whether sour or sweet. One secret weapon to consistently nailing that nuance down is, of course, savory […]

The story of biryani, rice dish for special occasions that unites the people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh Tender, succulent pieces of meat. Fluffy, long-grained basmati rice, infused with saffron, nutmeg and cardamom and topped with browned crispy curls of onion and a fried garnish of cashews and raisins. Served with raita (a condiment made of yogurt) and bagara baigan (roasted aubergine). No wonder diners around the world love the flavours of […]

If Hong Kong party animals won’t protect themselves, and us, against coronavirus’ spread, the bars, clubs and restaurants they drink at must be shut “Spread the love” is perhaps the most tone-deaf promotional slogan the human Petri dish of Hong Kong nightlife district Lan Kwai Fong could adopt during a pandemic, but it highlights the alternate reality the city’s dedicated night owls have been living in during the current coronavirus outbreak.While bars and restaurants have been ordered to […]

Asia markets plunge on growing fears of global recession amid explosive spread of Covid-19 Asia-Pacific markets plunged in early trading Monday, with US futures falling on concerns that a deep global recession is building as the worldwide coronavirus death toll rises and the US Congress is at odds over a proposed US$1.5 trillion stimulus package.Oil prices continued falling on expectations the virus will lead to a huge drop […]