Open Thread: Why Does Moderation Feel Impossible Right Now?

In a third-grade art class, I learned about one-point perspective drawing–wherein a single vanishing point is used to create the illusion of depth. Delighted by this newfound ability to depict infinity, I sketched what must have been hundreds of vanishing points, each one drawing the eye toward something it couldn’t see. I hadn’t thought about […]

Socks Are the New Shoes and Other Style Truths From the Guts of Quarantine

If this platform is based upon a single principle, it is that you should dress for yourself. Doing that gives you permission to openly express by putting on what you really want to wear—free from the shackles of expectation, implication, anticipation and so forth. The hope is that in consequence, you earn the agency to […]

Life and work will never be the same in China as the country attempts a post-virus tech restart With the coronavirus outbreak crippling normal life in China, technology has rushed to the fore on many fronts as literally a lifesaver: robots in hospitals, health code apps, online education and remote working all played crucial roles in keeping the country operational with most of the population trapped in self-isolation.But as the devastating outbreak […]

HSBC cancels “Informal Meeting of HK shareholders” webcast due to COVID

Apparently this hi-tech bank doesn’t know how to do a multi-way video webcast that would bring the Chairman and senior management together in a virtual room. Have they not heard of Zoom or Google Hangouts, amongst others? Source: Company announcement | Source date: 25-Mar-2020 18:00 Vía latest news

VinePair Podcast: Social Drinking in a World of Social Distancing

In the era of social distancing, many drinkers are leaning into technology to stay connected with friends and loved ones. From virtual happy hours to online wine classes, and teleconferenced game nights to an Instagram Live nightclub, we’re finding new ways to socialize over a glass (or two) with our social circles even when we […]