2019-2020 Hong Kong Freedom Movement And Why You Should Care


We are on the side of democracy, and with all our energy, we will defend freedom and inalienable rights. Please join us if you share our belief in freedom and justice and stand with us as we are.
Hong Kong is at the forefront of the global economy.

In addition to the economy, civil society around the world is facing growing Chinese nationalism and demonstrations against China’s authoritarian rule. For example, a rally in support of Hong Kong was disrupted by a crackdown by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and police on anti-government demonstrators.
As for misinformation, China is trying to distort the situation in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.

If China and the local government take extreme measures to suppress Hong Kongers, the destruction of Hong Kong’s leading global financial centre could inflict significant damage on international companies, and this could further disrupt the already fragile global economy. If the world ignores the cry for help and sends signals to an increasingly aggressive China, it risks further destabilizing the region and China itself.

The result of the Hong Kong crisis is essential not only to the people of Hong Kong but also to the future of our city and the world in terms of how the international community reacts.

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