Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) Announces “GIANT LEAP”

To mark the 50-year anniversary of one of the biggest achievements in human history, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) has announced the full program for “GIANT LEAP,” a multi-arts program of events and exhibitions, kicking off on July 20, 2019.“We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the full line-up of exhibitions and events for our massive moon […]

[Panda Arts] We Bring Downed Tree Logs To Life By Turning Them Into Unique Furniture We have dedicated our whole life to nature with which we have grown and matured, from which we have learned and which we have preserved. Oh yes, it can sometimes be cruel, but even in that regard, it impresses us and leaves us breathless. It inspires us in all respects, so we have risen […]

[Panda Arts] I Create Intricate Silver Pendants Based On My Papercuts (19 Pics) I am Parth Kothekar from Ahmedabad, India. It’s been more than 6 years now since I began exploring paper. It challenged me at every level of my exploration which inspired me to work on miniatures. Further, it pushed me to go the minutest level possible which led me to create the various thematic series […]

“A. B. a. P. / Antonio Banderas as Picasso” at Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna

Galerie nachst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwalder in Vienna, Austria, is showing Heinrich Dunst’s exhibition “A. B. a. P. / Antonio Banderas as Picasso,” on view through August 31, 2019.In this exhibition, the artist uses a play of references with shapes and looks at elements that question the identity of the shape. These elements examine materiality […]

Deborah Poynton’s “Memory of What Never Was” at STEVENSON, Cape Town

STEVENSON is showing an exhibition of new paintings by Deborah Poynton titled, “Memory of What Never Was.” The exhibition is on view through August 10, 2019.The artist writes, “It’s as if we are forging through the present like fish through water, fragments of now streaming past our eyes, the trail behind us composed of unknowable […]

Edith Amituanai’s “Double Take” at Adam Art Gallery, Wellington

Adam Art Gallery, Wellington is exhibiting Edith Amituanai’s “Double Take,” on view through July 14, 2019.Edith Amituanai’s “Double Take,” is the first exhibition to survey artist Edith Amituanai’s work in its entirety. It features 60 photographs and provides insights into the various bodies of work she has produced since 2003. “The works draw attention to […]

Gensler Dallas Members Get Leadership Training, Modus to Renovate Can Academy, and More News This Week

Here’s what you need to know, from Gensler Dallas’s new leaders to Texas firms’ standing in a new ranking source

[Panda Arts] Italian Artist Combines Graffiti And Abstract Forms To Create Awesome Optical Illusions Italian artist under the nickname Peeta transforms static buildings into visually-striking optical illusions, by painting abstract shapes onto them. The artist paints murals that appear to be dissolving, morphing and ever-changing as the illusions depend on the viewing angle. “When painting on walls, my aim is always to create a dialogue with the structural […]

[Panda Arts] Artist Reimagines The Simpsons As If It Was Set In Russia The Simpsons is one of the most iconic animated series picturing the satirical life of an American working-class family. The series is known for its witty and snarky take on American culture, politics, history, and society as a whole. After 30 years on the screen, The Simpsons has become not only the longest-running scripted […]

[Panda Arts] Artist Uses Driftwood Found On Beaches To Create Amazing Sculptures (66 Pics) Wood sculptures are not something new. However, this artist, Jeffro Uitto, who goes by the name “Knock on Wood” on social media, manages to bend wood to his imagination in such a unique way that it does not even begin to compare to others. Using various pieces of wood, mostly found on the beaches […]