Political unrest, trade war highlight bay area’s importance to Hong Kong, analysts say

The recent political turmoil to engulf Hong Kong serves to underscore the importance of the city’s future role in the Greater Bay Area and the opportunities it stands to gain from the planned economic hub, according to business leaders and analysts.Hong Kong is widely seen as perfectly poised to take the lead in the development […]

Facebook’s Libra forcing China to step up plans for its own cryptocurrency, says central bank official

Facebook’s plans to create its own cryptocurrency have forced China’s central bank into stepping up research into creating its own digital currency as Libra could potentially pose a challenge to Chinese cross-border payments, monetary policy and even financial sovereignty, a People’s Bank of China official said on Monday.“If [Libra] is widely used for payments, cross-border […]

China needs to act on Indian trade deficit before it becomes a political issue, says ambassador

India’s ambassador to China Vikram Misri warned that the two countries need to tackle their growing trade deficit before it becomes a “politically sensitive issue” in India.Misri, who was visiting the Indian consulate in Hong Kong six months after taking up the post, said the two countries needed to have a “very intense dialogue” about […]

Taiwan’s EVA Air cabin crew call off strike after 17 days

An unprecedented 17-day strike at Taiwan’s largest private airline that saw more than 1,200 flights cancelled and 300,000 passenger journeys disrupted has ended after management reached a collective agreement with cabin crew.The strike at EVA Air was the longest in Taiwan’s aviation history and comes less than six months after another strike by pilots at […]

Early Rain church members attend first service after China crackdown

Seven months after authorities shut down his church on the Chinese mainland, Liao Qiang was able to worship publicly for the first time on Sunday when he joined the congregation at an unassuming church on the self-ruled island of Taiwan.The 49-year-old arrived in Taiwan last week after fleeing the mainland with five family members. He […]

Disney’s live-action Mulan trailer lights up Chinese social media

Anticipation over Disney’s live-action movie Mulan is running high in China, with more than one billion views of the subject on Chinese social media in the hours after a teaser trailer was unveiled during Sunday’s final game of the Women’s World Cup.While some online commenters had their doubts over technical details, most internet users appeared […]

Detained Australian writer’s wife banned from leaving China

A detained Chinese-Australian writer’s wife has been refused permission to leave China six months after her husband was taken into custody, their lawyer said on Monday.Yang Hengjun, a 53-year-old visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York and a former Chinese diplomat, has been detained since January 19, when he arrived at China’s Guangzhou Airport […]

Deaths of two Chinese men in road accident inferno bring ‘hate the rich’ crowd out on social media

A driver and her passengers were in custody in Henan province after two people were killed in what Chinese media said was a two-car crash caused by drink-driving.Local police said a 23-year-old woman surnamed Tan drove a Maserati SUV through the streets of Yongcheng on Thursday night, scraping against cars on the way. They said […]

There is a ‘ray of hope’ in US-China trade war after Donald Trump and Xi Jinping met at G20, says Beijing’s ambassador to Malaysia

The accord between US President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit offers a “ray of hope” for easing trade tensions, according to Bai Tian, Beijing’s ambassador to Malaysia.“We wish the US side would live up to its words and meet halfway with the Chinese side,” he said at the Malaysia-China Outlook […]

China’s foreign exchange reserves rise faster than expected in June

China’s foreign exchange reserves rose US$18.23 billion to US$3.119 trillion in June, surpassing market expectations and the previous month’s pace of growth, according to data released on Monday.The country’s gold reserves also climbed for a seventh straight month to 61.94 million ounces, up from May’s 61.61 million ounces. Since China started buying in December, its […]

China struggling with slow progress on high-speed rail network expansion due to local financing problems

Zong Zifa, a 67-year-old Chinese peasant who has worked the land his entire life, likes to stand at the eastern end of his village to check the progress of a new high-speed railway train station under construction. He and many of his fellow villagers hope that the station, on a plot of land where he […]

Globalisation is best way through the trade war, China’s Vice-President Wang Qishan says

Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan has said Beijing should remain committed to economic globalisation despite the challenges posed by the trade war with the United States.Wang made the remarks on Monday with China and the US poised to resume their trade negotiations, which stalled in May, since the US slapped further tariffs on Chinese imports.“China’s development […]

Chinese warship being tracked as it heads towards US-Australia war games

Australian defence officials said on Monday they were tracking a Chinese surveillance ship that is expected to position itself just outside its territorial waters to monitor military exercises between Australia and the United States.Around 25,000 Australian and US military personnel on board battleships equipped with strike jets will over the next month participate in biannual […]

China’s furniture makers hope for trade war’s end as US orders ‘disappear’ following the 25 per cent import tariff

Chinese furniture makers, hard hit by a higher tariff on exports to the US last month, see a ray of hope from the apparent trade detente between the world’s two largest economies following the G20 summit in Japan last month.The agreement between US and Chinese officials to resume economic and trade negotiations has been welcomed […]

Chinese economists warn Beijing to prepare for decoupling from US

An economic decoupling from the United States is looking more likely and China should get ready, scholars in Beijing warned on Saturday, a year after US President Donald Trump fired the first shot in the trade war.The break-up of the world’s two biggest economies was gradually becoming a real possibility as Beijing and Washington clashed […]

Chinese envoy says Beijing ‘not interested in a diplomatic war’ with Britain

China’s ambassador to London on Sunday said Beijing was “not interested in a diplomatic war” with Britain, after a week of trading barbs over Hong Kong, and that it had “full confidence” the city’s government could handle the situation there.Liu Xiaoming said he was “very much” angry when he lambasted London last week over its […]

Is China’s propaganda machine losing the public relations battle with the US?

During a lecture at Renmin University in Beijing last week, prominent economist Yu Yongding had a question: why have none of the Chinese companies accused of intellectual property theft by the US spoken out to defend themselves and dispute the charges?“China has failed very much in this propaganda war,” said Yu, a former adviser to […]

Japan used chemical weapons in war against China and now there’s a military report to prove it, historian says

The existence of a detailed report documenting the use of chemical weapons by the Imperial Japanese Army in China has been confirmed for the first time, a Japanese historian said Sunday.The official report, compiled by a frontline nerve gas battalion of the Japanese army posted in northern China, recorded that the unit used munitions containing […]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi seeks Eastern European support for Belt and Road Initiative

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi started a week-long tour of three Eastern European nations on Sunday.Analysts said Wang’s visit to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary was aimed at garnering more support for the Belt and Road Initiative – Beijing’s transcontinental infrastructure project – and to try to expand China’s influence in case the new EU leadership […]

Rwandan troops trained by Chinese military mark 25th anniversary of liberation

Rwandan troops trained by the Chinese army marched in the east African country’s grand military parade to mark the 25th anniversary of the liberation from genocide, even shouting commands in Mandarin.Leaders from seven African nations were among thousands watching the colourful parade for Rwanda’s Liberation Day at the packed Amahoro National Stadium in the capital […]

Ancient Chinese city ruins become country’s latest Unesco World Heritage Site

A 5,300-year old Chinese city that provides the earliest example of civilisation in the country has been named as the country’s latest Unesco World Heritage Site.The Liangzhu Archaeological Site in Zhejiang province was designated a “cultural site” at the latest Unesco meeting in Azerbaijan, bringing the total number of Chinese heritage sites to 55 – […]

Chinese property tycoon Wang Zhenhua ‘took children as his playthings’, top legal affairs agency says

China’s top political body responsible for law and order said on Saturday that Wang Zhenhua, the billionaire property tycoon accused of molesting a nine-year-old girl, “took children as his playthings” and vowed to bring him and anyone else involved in the case to justice.Wang, the 57-year-old chairman of Hong Kong-listed property developer Future Land Development, […]

Could psychology have helped Carrie Lam avoid Hong Kong’s extradition bill fiasco?

By the Hong Kong chief executive’s own admission, there were a number of shortcomings in her government’s push for the unpopular extradition bill. She has also committed to learning from these mistakes. The question is whether those shortcomings or mistakes could have been foreseen, and if anything could have been done to prevent them. The […]

US-China trade war: ignore the hype, Trump and Xi are no closer to a deal, even if they are ‘friends’

The accord signed between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Osaka is not a deal, even if it does offer some hope the two leaders might one day achieve an agreement.Much has been made about the “breakthrough” at their high-stakes meeting, when the pair agreed to resume […]

South Korea’s US-China dilemma deepens with support for America’s Indo-Pacific strategy

South Korea’s plan to take part in the United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy has deepened its dilemma as it tries to maintain a balance between its security ally, the US, and top trading partner, China, analysts said.Seoul’s intention to get involved in the strategy – as announced by South Korean President Moon Jae-in this week in […]

Could Manila’s flip-flopping over Reed Bank make Beijing more aggressive?

Almost a month on from the ramming of a Philippine fishing boat by a Chinese vessel off Reed Bank, the disquiet in the Philippines has yet to show any signs of ending. But as Beijing and Manila sought to determine what happened on June 9, confusing and sometimes controversial statements emanated from Philippine officials, including […]

Meet the heroin trafficker’s son who is trying to save China’s ‘drug orphans’ one child at a time

As a child, Peng Lisheng had only vague memories of his father.His dad was not home often and the few times that he was he would be startled by loud noises at the front gate and sneak out through the back door of their home in Tongxin, a small county in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui […]

Grace Meng, wife of fallen Interpol head Meng Hongwei, sues the police agency for attempting to ‘gag’ her

The wife of the disgraced Interpol chief detained in China for corruption has launched a lawsuit against the global policing body at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, two of her lawyers confirmed to the South China Morning Post.The latest twist to the high-profile disappearance of China’s first head of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, follows his confession […]

Canadian ads blasted Hong Kong ‘radicals’, invoking blood loyalty to China. Was Beijing’s United Front involved?

They include dozens of Chinese fraternal organisations, business groups and even clubs devoted to stamp collecting, robotics and ice wine appreciation.But the 208 Canadian Chinese groups that were signatories to recent newspaper advertisements in Vancouver denouncing “radical” Hong Kong protesters may also have included groups linked to the Chinese government’s “United Front” work – its […]

US keeps China in loop on North Korea with briefing on Trump-Kim talks

The United States is willing to improve communication and coordination with China on issues regarding the Korean peninsula, an American envoy told Beijing in a telephone call on Friday, after US President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last weekend.The call to China’s vice-foreign minister Luo Zhaohui was made by US special representative […]

Can China win the soccer World Cup with a handful of naturalised players? Probably not

As China targets a place at the 2022 World Cup, England-born Nico Yennaris recently became the first foreign player to join the men’s national soccer team as a naturalised citizen.On his identity card he is listed as ethnic Han.Several foreign soccer players and other sportspeople have become Chinese citizens in recent years, many of them […]

Chinese consulate condemns ‘professional begging’ after arrests in Melbourne

China’s consulate in Melbourne on Saturday condemned “professional begging” operations, after local authorities arrested a group of elderly Chinese nationals who were allegedly flown to the city to make money from passers-by.The consulate said it had yet to verify the identities of the seven people arrested in the Australian city’s central business district on Monday […]

One year in, US-China trade war is the ‘first sentence of the first chapter’ of a new superpower rivalry

A year after the beginning of the tit-for-tat tariff war that has upended the global trading system, few trade experts see the US-China relationship improving any time soon.Instead, companies are being advised to dig in for the long haul, with the way ahead packed with volatility, hot-tempered tweets and tariffs galore. Rather than progressing towards […]

China should promote yuan’s globalisation through cooperation not conflict with US dollar, report says

China should avoid going head to head with the US dollar as it seeks to promote the use of the yuan around the world and instead make London a key offshore centre for the yuan while developing opportunities in countries linked to its Belt and Road Initiative, according to new research.Beijing should also sign a […]

Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un handshake at Korean border was nice, but fundamental challenges haven’t changed

US President Donald Trump’s summit diplomacy with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is back on. The two leaders met on the last day of June for a quick meeting at the inter-Korean Joint Security Area, along the Military Demarcation Line that has separated North and South Korea since 1953. The meeting served an important purpose: […]

Explained: the difference between the RCEP and the CPTPP

Amid an alphabet soup of trade-pact acronyms, the RCEP is one of the most significant for Asian nations.Known in full as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the RCEP is aimed at opening up trade between the region’s biggest and fastest-growing economies.If passed, the proposed agreement would create the world’s largest trade bloc, encompassing a quarter […]

US-China trade war: hardliners in Beijing are gaining influence

Ever since the trade war between Beijing and Washington started more than a year ago, China’s state media has performed contortionist acts in trying to build up a narrative.For much of the year, the official media outlets focused on playing up the potential fallout of the escalating conflict on the US economy while remaining silent […]

Rare diseases are not uncommon, and may be the mother lode for the world’s pharmaceutical producers and researchers

Rare diseases may individually affect a relatively small number of patients compared to common ailments but the overall burden on society is heavy and drug developers should not ignore its market potential, says policy advocate.“Rare diseases are not that rare when one considers the fact that each patient’s disease also has a big impact on […]

A Xi’an girl’s escape from early death sheds light on China’s arduous journey to make drugs affordable for rare diseases

When Gu Ruofei was four and half years old, teachers at her school in Shaanxi province reported that she had trouble jumping during her dance class.As her motor skills deteriorated, doctors in the provincial capital of Xi’an suspected the toddler may be afflicted by a metabolic disorder that stunted her growth. Blood tests in Beijing […]

China could feel swine fever blow for next decade, Cargill says

It could be as long as a decade before China recovers from its outbreak of African swine fever, the deadly pig disease that is decimating hog herds in the world’s largest pork consumer.That is according to Cargill, one of the world’s largest agricultural commodity traders. The virus, which kills most infected pigs within 10 days, […]

Possible Taiwan presidential candidate Ko wen-je meets head of mainland China’s Taiwan Affairs Office

A possible candidate in Taiwan’s presidential elections met the man in charge of handling the Chinese mainland’s affairs with the self-ruled island on Friday in what observers say was a calculated but daring move to show off his credentials as someone Beijing can trust. Parts of the meeting between Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je, from the […]

Trial of Chinese scholar Zhang Yingying’s killer Brendt Christensen moves into death penalty phase

A federal jury that convicted a former University of Illinois doctoral student of kidnapping, torturing and killing a young scholar from China now must decide if Brendt Christensen should be put to death.While the state of Illinois, where she was killed, does not have the death penalty, the case was brought under federal law, which […]

US-China feud is accelerating the biggest shift in trade since the cold war, away from globalisation

From an office in Tijuana, Mexico, Roberto Durazo has been capitalising on one of the biggest shifts in global trade since the end of the cold war.His company, Ivemsa, has been helping dozens of companies move their factories out of China and other parts of Asia and into Mexico to make goods to be sold […]

Chinese scientists develop gene-edited soybean that can grow in warmer climates

Chinese agricultural scientists are using gene-editing tools to create soybean mutants that can adapt to warmer climates in low-altitude regions, in a bid to boost production of the crop in southern China.Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences have knocked out two key genes that regulate soybean flowering to create mutants that “may have […]

China denies US accusations of South China Sea missile tests

China’s Defence Ministry on Friday denied US accusations that the Chinese military had recently carried out missile tests in the disputed South China Sea, saying instead that they had held routine drills that involved the firing of live ammunition.The Pentagon said on Tuesday the missile launch was “disturbing” and contrary to Chinese pledges that it […]

China’s threat to blacklist US firms as security risk could be key weapon in latest trade talks

China’s plan to name foreign companies as a risk to national security is expected to be used as a key bargaining chip when trade talks with the United States resume, according to industry sources.The two sides are poised to restart negotiations in Beijing next week following the face-to-face meeting between US President Donald Trump and […]

US-China trade truce increases pressure at home for both Trump, Xi to cut a deal, analysts say

For decades, Jasco Products Company has outsourced production of its doorbells, lights and surge protectors to China without a second thought. But, a trade war with the United States that has been raging for the last year has put the Oklahoma-based company and thousands of other firms like it – both American and Chinese – […]

New Delhi and Beijing cannot let differences turn into disputes: India’s ambassador to China

India and China must actively manage their differences so they do not get in the way of the Asian superpowers working together for global stability, India’s top diplomat in China said on Friday.To emphasise his point, Ambassador Vikram Misri listed eight long-standing and new bilateral issues that required attention, including India’s almost US$60 billion trade […]

China may offer reduced tariffs to push through mega regional trade pact

China is expected to make concessions including reducing tariffs in a bid to push forward stalled talks on a mega regional trade deal when it hosts the 15 other nations involved at a summit, observers say.It will be the first time China has hosted negotiations on the Regional and Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) since it […]

China’s tech sector faces ‘hangover after the party’, with trade war and economic slowdown hitting employment

Yang Shao, a Shenzhen-based technology sector headhunter, sees a great deal of uncertainty in the current job market.Far from the gung-ho hiring policies of recent years, tech companies are hesitating at the final stage of the recruitment process, wondering whether they can afford the candidate, or whether they really need them.In some cases, companies fabricate […]

Picture of ‘giant dragon that caused Yibin earthquake’ lands Chinese man in detention

A man from southwest China has been detained for spreading rumours after he posted a badly manipulated image of a snake on social media and claimed it was a dragon that might have caused last month’s deadly earthquake in Sichuan province.Police in Yibin, where 13 people were killed by a magnitude 6 quake that struck […]

Chinese school forced to take down HIV poster that said gay people would die sooner than ‘normal’ people

A school in southwestern China has taken down an HIV prevention poster suggesting gay people are “abnormal” and live shorter lives after it triggered a furious backlash.The poster in No 2 High School in Hengxian county, Guangxi region, listed five dangers from homosexuality, according to a report in Thepaper.cn on Thursday.As well as dying eight […]

Trade war may scuttle China’s interest to share ‘state secret’ company audit reports with US

Chinese authorities agreed this week to officially allow Hong Kong’s market regulator to see corporate financial records that are held on the mainland, marking another step to improve the financial transparency and accountability of Chinese companies listed in the city. But Beijing’s reaction to a similar situation with the US may be quite different under […]

Thousands protest in central China over waste incineration plant

Thousands of people took to the streets in central China on Thursday night in a seventh day of protests against the construction of a waste incineration plant.Protesters carried banners and chanted as they marched against a waste-to-energy plant that could be built next to residential areas in Yangluo, near Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province.Residents […]

Don’t be a safe haven for criminals, China urges Sweden in call to extradite fugitive Qiao Jianjun

Beijing has urged Stockholm to send an alleged corrupt fugitive back to China despite the Swedish Supreme Court rejecting a similar request last month.In a meeting with a Swedish foreign ministry official, Chinese ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou called on Stockholm to “agree to extradite Qiao Jianjun back to China as early as possible”, according […]

Uygurs, experts reflect on 10th anniversary of deadly riots in Xinjiang

Ten years after deadly riots rocked the city of Urumqi in China’s western Xinjiang region, rights activists are demanding the government release more information about the event.The riots on July 5, 2009, began as a peaceful protest by Uygur students demanding answers about the killing of two Uygur workers in a factory 4,000km (2,500 miles) […]

Breakneck growth in China’s credit-card debt since 2012 raises worries about a potential bust, says ratings agency S&P

Credit-card debt has grown more than sixfold in China since 2012, mirroring booms in other Asian markets that ended badly and raising concerns about the potential risks to Chinese banks, according to a new report from S&P Global Ratings.The credit rating agency said that unsecured consumer lending in the mainland is expected to increase at […]

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping discussed detained Canadian duo at G20, Justin Trudeau says

US President Donald Trump raised the issue of two Canadians detained in China with President Xi Jinping in a recent meeting at the Group of 20 summit, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed on Thursday.Trudeau had earlier said he was “confident” that Trump discussed with Xi the detention of ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig and consultant Michael […]

Sorry hipsters, quinoa prices likely to rise as Peru eyes China market

Hipsters beware. Quinoa prices are set to rise as Peru, the world’s largest producer of the seed, will start exporting the protein-rich crop to China.Late last month, officials from both countries signed a customs agreement in Beijing allowing imports of quinoa from Peru for the first time.The accord follows similar agreements for shrimp last year […]

Cringeworthy, yes, but Ivanka Trump had something to say about US-India ties

Much of the post-G20 headlines were hogged by one widely circulated – and admittedly cringe-inducing – video of Ivanka Trump inserting herself awkwardly into a conversation between the leaders of Britain, France and Canada, prompting one apparently dismissive look from the head of the International Monetary Fund. It was, however, another less noticed – if […]