Distinguish Yourself

You are distinct, one of a kind. To distinguish yourself, creatively isolate yourself from others, then follow your own internal promoting, pursue your own creative and intellectual interests, and learn to respect your own curiosity, and deem yourself as a searcher of personal truth. Why distinguish yourself? Distinguishing yourself means to proclaim yourself as different […]

Live on the Streets

I hate being indoors. For myself, I’m happiest when I’m out and about in public spaces, surrounded by other people, and when I have the opportunity to walk and think. Perhaps my ideal lifestyle is a “street lifestyle”; a lifestyle that maximizes my time outdoors (outside of the house), in coffee shops, at public parks, […]

Katil Var: Long-Awaited Photo Book on Istanbul by Charlie Kirk avaliable for pre-order

Charlie Kirk, one of my good friends and mentors has just released that his first and probably last photo book (Katil Var, “There is a Murderer”) is available for pre-order. About the book Written by Charlie Kirk: Katil var means “there is a murderer”. According to many, that murderer is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president […]


True Happiness and Human Flourishing is Achieved Through Creating: What do you do with your life once you have all the perfect tools and conditions? I currently have all of the ideal tools and living conditions in my life. What next? It seems for me — focus on creating, thinking, discovering new knowledge/truths, innovating, self-development, […]

Express Your Gratitude towards Life (and being alive) through your Photography

The Gratitude of Life by the Photographer Artist Question: To what degree do you value life and being alive? Download pdf text: To what degree do you value life Gratitude Generally speaking, we are all grateful of being alive. But to what degree are we grateful of being alive? Some of us are mildly grateful […]

Eternal Photography

Continually create new photographs! What is the point of photography? Perhaps the point of photography isn’t to become a “great” and famous photographer (in the eyes of others) but instead, to just keep making new photos, for eternity (until our own personal death)? Perpetually creative activity Constantly make new photos, without regard for your past […]

Zen Digital Photography

Digital is convenient (no need to process film), yet also very frustrating. My gripe with digital is that there are TOO MANY OPTIONS (when post-processing your photos). Furthermore, another downside of digital is that there are often too many photos to look through (upside of digital is that you can shoot tons of photos, but […]

Barbell Travel

A simple idea: To have a more fun, enjoyable, and interesting travel experience, embrace the extremes (barbell) between super “scrappy” (cheap) and “bougie” (expensive/fancy) experiences. Avoid the middle When traveling, avoid going to “mid tier” ($$) restaurants. Better to embrace the extremes. For example in Mexico city: For lunch eat street tacos (50 cents a […]

Street Photography While Traveling or Living Abroad in a Foreign Country

I’m currently in Mexico City, and man– shooting street photography here is so fun and epic! But why? Why? Of course when you’re in a foreign country, it is always easier to be more ‘inspired’ to shoot street photography. But let me try to outline why I’m more inspired to shoot street photography here in […]

How to Shoot Extreme Contrast and Saturation Color Photography

I’ve been passionate about high-contrast “crushed blacks” monochrome as an aesthetic. Today, I realized and had a thought: What if I tried to innovate a new aesthetic– a super high-contrast and super-high color saturation — essentially the monochrome 1600 look, except this time, focusing on color? I was playing around with my Eric Kim Monochrome […]