Exclusive: Rome fires soprano for not singing out at rehearsal

Jessica Nuccio is a rising Italian soprano on the international circuit. Last week, she was due to sing four Violettas in La traviata at Rome Opera. At the general rehearsal, she obtained permission from the conductor to ‘mark’ her part, not singing out in full voice because it was just 36 hours before the opening. This did not […]

Seattle will let Trump workers in for free until June

The Seattle Symphony is showing serious sympathy with unpaid US government workers. Message received: SEATTLE, WA – The Seattle Symphony announced today that furloughed federal government employees are eligible to receive up to four complimentary tickets for Seattle Symphony performances for the remainder of the 2018–2019 season. Tickets must be reserved by February 1 in […]

‘Manchester United seek help from the Halle’

As if. One is a global mega-brand, the other is barely known beyond Salford. In Leipzig, however, where the football club is struggling, the Red Bulls went on bended knee to the city’s major brand, the Gewandhausorchester, to request a joint promo video. Watch. https://sharevideo.redbull.com/vjs/index.html?r=1&cornerbug=true&origin=https://www.dierotenbullen.com/de/media/video.html%3Fvideoid=dca7678d-1cb2-4227-b2f2-b6eaf0394f99&accid=2235435089001&pid=HyHKPy99&vid=5990029904001&poster=https://image.redbull.com/rbxapp26/0010/1/720/400/805/rbl/2019/0/16/13004f0bfac83ec18864644b7362ec6b.png   source https://slippedisc.com/2019/01/manchester-united-seek-help-from-the-halle/