“Shaming” or Informing? “Stigmatizing” or Educating? The Generational Divide

A “McCloudism”: “Reason what’s written or said, before you react and rage.” Many in today’s society are quick to engage in extrapolations of message instead of simply reading and reasoning what is actually said or written. … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/all-things/2019/07/shaming-or-informing-stigmatizing-or-educating-the-generational-divide/

Unloving Mothers, Denial, and the Vehemence of Smear Campaigns

Not long ago, I had a conversation with a woman whose two adult children—both in their forties—apparently abruptly went no contact. I knew nothing of her history since she’s a very casual acquaintance of mine but she was aware that I write about difficult and toxic mother-daughter relationships. … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/knotted/2019/07/unloving-mothers-denial-and-the-vehemence-of-smear-campaigns/

4 Ways Responding to Your Partner’s Feelings is “Relationship Gold”

As a psychologist who specializes in working with couples, I have likely treated hundreds at this point in my career. During all these years of helping couples heal and get closer, … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/childhood-neglect/2019/07/4-reasons-responding-to-your-partners-feelings-is-relationship-gold/

How the Prejudices of Schoolteachers Can Harm the Children of Single Parents

Sometimes prejudice comes wrapped in pretty packages. People who probably think of themselves as totally open-minded and fair and who may have many commendable qualities can still have biases about different groups of people that can result in real damage to the targets of their prejudice. … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/single-at-heart/2019/07/how-the-prejudices-of-schoolteachers-can-harm-the-children-of-single-parents/

Have Trouble Explaining Your ADHD? Write It Down!

Verbal explanations can be unpredictable, even more so when given by ADHDers. It’s hard to organize information about complex, nuanced topics in the moment while you’re talking. And it’s all too easy for verbal explanations to go off on tangents or come out in an unplanned, … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/adhd-millennial/2019/07/have-trouble-explaining-your-adhd-write-it-down/

Justifying Regrettable Actions in Self and Others: A Human Tendency?

Have you ever ignored an action that warranted an apology? Have you ever supported someone whose behavior had destructive consequences on others? Why? The questions are not intended  to condone or condemn, … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/healing-together/2019/07/justifying-regrettable-actions-in-self-and-others-a-human-tendency/

What Do You Think of the Term ‘Lifelong Single Person’?

The Japanese government recently proclaimed that they will no longer use the term “lifelong singles” in their census reports. They used to use the term to refer to people who reach the age of 50 without ever having married. … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/single-at-heart/2019/07/what-do-you-think-of-the-term-lifelong-single-person/

Finally, an OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS for Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (Sex Addiction)

The World Health Organization has examined the existing research and decided that compulsive sexual behavior (aka, sex addiction) is of genuine concern and thus deserving of a formal, criteria-based diagnosis. source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/sex/2019/07/finally-an-official-diagnosis-for-compulsive-sexual-behavior-disorder-sex-addiction/

Suffering: 9 Reasons Why it Promotes Psychological Growth and Change

Most people who seek mental-health services wish to alleviate their suffering, a common cause of stress. However, suffering can serve as the springboard for profound growth and change. Learn 9 psychological benefits derived from suffering. … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/ease-stress/2019/06/suffering-9-reasons-why-it-promotes-psychological-growth-and-change/

Mental Health and Change: Depression Comes with Transition (But It’s Okay)

A few weeks ago while packing to move to our new house, I came across the essay, “Losing It,” by Dominique Browning that appeared in The New York Times Magazine in 2010. … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/neurodivergent/2019/06/mental-health-and-change-depression-comes-with-transition-but-its-okay/

5 Tips for Setting Boundaries (Without Feeling Guilty)

Do you feel guilty when you set boundaries? Do you struggle to set boundaries? Well, you’re not alone! Mental health professionals and self-help gurus put a lot of emphasis on boundaries because they’re the foundation of healthy relationships and a strong sense of self-worth. … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/imperfect/2019/06/5-tips-for-setting-boundaries-without-feeling-guilty/

Conan O’Brien Doesn’t Let Depression Keep Him Down

Conan O’Brien probably isn’t the first person to come to mind when you think of clinical depression. The quintessentially goofy, over-the-top absurdist comedian and late night talk show host presents to audiences as a carefree clown who instinctively finds funny everywhere he looks. … source https://blogs.psychcentral.com/humor-rx/2019/06/conan-obrien-doesnt-let-depression-keep-him-down/