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Uganda: New Wave of Female Genital Mutilation in Targets Married Women

[This is Africa] A study by the Reproductive, Educative and Community Health Programme (REACH) has shown that traditionalists in Uganda have now shifted to circumcising married women with the consent of their families, causing the prevalence of FGM to rise drastically in older women. source

Anime director Mamoru Hosoda’s Mirai nominated for Academy Award, achieves historic first

The latest film from the creator of Summer Wars and Wolf Children may or may not take home the gold statue, but it’s already done something incredible. For a brief period, anime felt like it was going to become a permanent presence on the list of nominees for the Best Animated Feature Oscar. Japanese-produced films […]

Tokyo subway bribes people with free noodles to get them to take earlier, non-rush hour trains

Reward tiers promise better toppings if more people take the off-peak trains. Ironically, the legendary punctuality of Japanese trains is part of what makes rush hour in Tokyo so crushingly crowded. If you can pinpoint, down to the exact minute, both the time you’ll step onto the train and the time you’ll arrive at your […]