“After a storm comes a calm.” ~Matthew Henry


我把詩歌寫在沙灘上,然後抹去,只讓海知道。 我把蕾絲穿在家居𥚃,等你來到……

那夜凌晨我穿上到 Lobster Bar 的蕾莎長裙,明明在家,卻穿上了 Manolo 的水鑚緞子晚裝鞋。我把詩歌寫在沙灘上,然後抹去,只讓海知道。我把蕾絲穿在家居𥚃,等你來到,只讓你鑒賞。

The Obsession BLING BLINGS

The Obsession BLING BLINGS10 Nov 2017, 10:33 PMView Original PostYou've probably noticed that we're earring-people. They're definitely our all time favorite detail. But we're not talking about one specific model at all time, our favorites change just as the seasons does, and at the moment we have one particular style on top of our mind; … Continue reading The Obsession BLING BLINGS