Job Board: Director, Equity Desk

A prestigious and specialist iBank is looking for a Director for her equity desk. Candidates with sound iBank M&A and IPO (HK & NY) track records, being presentable equipped with multi language skills are invited to a preliminary coffee chat. Pay and benefits are above market average. The equity desk is leaded by an experienced … Continue reading Job Board: Director, Equity Desk


Little Handbags πŸ‘œ Onwards smart skills. Like if I don’t like to answer someone’s questions I smile 👱🏻‍♀️. Like if I don’t agree with the wisdom which you deem it wise, very wise, I close my mouth 👱🏻‍♀️.Like if you rush me to do something and elaborate why I have to, I do it straight away. Not because … Continue reading Little Handbags πŸ‘œ Onwards

A Hong Kong Trust

A Hong Kong Trust can be created with a settlor’s declaration that a trustee holds property for the benefit of a specific person(s) or for a purpose. Then the settlor transfers the property to the trustee. This is basic English common law followed in the United Kingdom, its colonies and territories for centuries. Former colonies … Continue reading A Hong Kong Trust