Chanel Metiersd Art

像周海媚還是湯唯? 🙄近年少左好多人話我似邊個邊個🐦CHANEL hat wear event 但我倒米: 1. Cap: CHANEL #ChanelMetiersdArt 2. Dress: #IsabelMarant 3. Bangles: #BonBonPopUp (left hand) 4. Ring: #DavidYurman (left hand) 5. Earrings: #CHANEL 6. Ring and bracelet: Van Cleef & Arpels #VGA (right hand)#sonialogy#blogger70thfloor#七十樓危危下望


Little Handbags 👜 Onwards smart skills. Like if I don’t like to answer someone’s questions I smile 👱🏻‍♀️. Like if I don’t agree with the wisdom which you deem it wise, very wise, I close my mouth 👱🏻‍♀️.Like if you rush me to do something and elaborate why I have to, I do it straight away. Not because … Continue reading Little Handbags 👜 Onwards


21 OCT 2017DIGITAL STRATEGY & IMPLEMENTATION, STRATEGY & IMPLEMENTATIONTHE INSURANCE RENAISSANCE – AN INFOGRAPHIC BY MAJESCOArticle Synopsis :Digital customer expectations, new forms of competition, and relentless product innovation are all shaping the insurance industry in historic ways. This infographic, “The Insurance Renaissance”, from Majesco, tries gamely to sum up all the chaos in two colourful slides.A renaissance … Continue reading THE INSURANCE RENAISSANCE – AN INFOGRAPHIC BY MAJESCO