Lessons in Masterful Portrait Drawing eBook

Lessons in Masterful Portrait Drawing eBook The lessons in this eBook aid in constructing volume in your drawings, introducing the concepts of structure. It’s a unique philosophy and methodology in today’s world and relies on a holistic approach of observation, analysis and critical-thinking honed through time and patience. Download your copy of Lessons in Masterful […]

我把詩歌寫在沙灘上,然後抹去,只讓海知道。 我把蕾絲穿在家居𥚃,等你來到……

那夜凌晨我穿上到 Lobster Bar 的蕾莎長裙,明明在家,卻穿上了 Manolo 的水鑚緞子晚裝鞋。 我把詩歌寫在沙灘上,然後抹去,只讓海知道。 我把蕾絲穿在家居𥚃,等你來到,只讓你鑒賞。

How Chanel Made Diamonds A Girl’s Best Friend

Originally posted on StyleCaster:
Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, an orphan who could not afford the luxurious corsets of her time during her younger years, was ultimately responsible for crafting a sportier and more comfortable look for women. By the 1920s, Chanel built a brand that changed the face of women’s clothing, while successfully making her line…