[Sonialogy] Lipstick Theory and 2020 Pandemic Recession

Sonialogy @BonBonLifeStyleWebazine:Lipstick Theory 2020 Pandemic Recession

EUR & ECB Cribsheet

The April ECB meeting poses modest upside to EUR/USD. Compared to the March disappointment, the ECB is likely to do all it can to prevent a risk premium build-up. If the PEPP programme is not expanded this week, the ECB will likely signal a top-up in June. EUR/USD trades with a modest ECB uncertainty risk […]

The Fed fuels fallen angels: Forecasting credit spreads on ING’s Covid-19 scenarios

Late last week the US Fed went where no central bank has gone before, indicating that fallen angels (downgraded from investment grade to high yield) would be part of their purchasing plans and no less significantly indicating it will also buy High Yield ETFs from ING Think https://ift.tt/2V6IGNx via IFTTT