Norman Foster a Great Indeed

"What a great man"Readers are envious of Norman Foster, after seeing Instagram posts showing how the 83-year-old architect spent his summer.Read more ›


Chanel Metiersd Art

像周海媚還是湯唯? 🙄近年少左好多人話我似邊個邊個🐦CHANEL hat wear event 但我倒米: 1. Cap: CHANEL #ChanelMetiersdArt 2. Dress: #IsabelMarant 3. Bangles: #BonBonPopUp (left hand) 4. Ring: #DavidYurman (left hand) 5. Earrings: #CHANEL 6. Ring and bracelet: Van Cleef & Arpels #VGA (right hand)#sonialogy#blogger70thfloor#七十樓危危下望

Reblog: The Latest Celebrity Hair Trend

The word scrunchie brings back fond memories of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the hair accessory nonstop throughout the ’80s and ’90s while simultaneously evoking horrific flashbacks to when everyone thought they were SJP and also wore them nonstop. via Scrunchies Are Officially Back, and Here Are 11 Celebrities to Prove It