Blog post re-share: You Are Amazing — My Wellbeing and Learning Journey

Originally posted on Letitgocoach: I’m truly enjoying the November Soul Reset. Day Three is talking about gratitude, but not just the proverbial list. It asked me to thank myself. To say ‘thank you’ to me for being me. Consider the last time you felt thankful for yourself. Really genuinely. Not because someone told you to.… via […]

Rinse-Free Hand Wash — COOL HUNTING

While alcohol-based, BYREDO’s rinse-free hand wash is gentle and nourishing. At 30ml, this lotion is ideal for air travel and everyday use—whenever your hands need a refresh. Our favorite fragrance (nothing like those harsh chemical scents of other hand sanitizers) contains notes of pink pepper, patchouli, magnolia and rose petals, but isn’t overpowering. via Rinse-Free Hand […]

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Tonal, the Personal Trainer Built for Your Living Room — COOL HUNTING

  An intelligent workout machine that learns like a person Tonal, a new digital training system from a team of Apple, Fitbit and Nest alums, is working to bring the luxury of personal trainers and organized workouts home. Comprised of a screen a bit smaller than a full-length mirror and adjustable arms that hold a cable… […]

10 Awesome Outdoor Ceilings to Inspire You (1/10)

Artfully Spaced Slats The spectacular infinity pool, sunken dining area and million-dollar view may steal the show in this waterfront Miami abode, but don’t overlook its delicately detailed roof overhang. With its clean edges, crisp white color and irregular slat spacing, the roof cover is a fresh take on classic pergola design. Its lines mirror […]