Korn Ferry: Mind the Gap

Mind the GapAugust 29, 2018 187  7  18  491See the new issue of Briefings magazine, available at newsstands and online.Each day David Walker finds himself crossing a 40-plus-year generation gap. As the CEO and co-founder of the real estate firm Triplemint, he oversees more than 100 employees whose ages range from as young as 22 to … Continue reading Korn Ferry: Mind the Gap


SCMP: China’s booming live streaming industry may have reached its peak

Dealing with scandals, regulatory scrutiny and rising costs, China’s live streaming industry has reached a turning pointBy Amanda Lee The party could soon be over for China’s booming live streaming industry, which saw revenue triple last year, as the tens of millions of yuan a year paid out to top presenters becomes unsustainable amid a … Continue reading SCMP: China’s booming live streaming industry may have reached its peak

Korn Ferry: Apple Puts on (Another) Show

There likely won’t be too many surprises at Apple’s product showcase Wednesday: a couple of tweaked iPhone models, a few new smartwatches, and maybe some revamped laptops. And yet, the “gather round,” as the company is calling it, is all the buzz inside and outside Silicon Valley. Investors, consumers and other stakeholders stop their day to … Continue reading Korn Ferry: Apple Puts on (Another) Show

Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum

http://www.citiesphilanthropy.com/en/TACKLING METROPOLITAN SOCIAL ISSUESUrbanisation in recent decades has been accelerating on an unprecedented scale, fundamentally transforming the opportunities and challenges that cities face today. There is a need to create a common platform that facilitates dialogue on addressing the social needs of 21st century cities.Why should you attend?The Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum is the … Continue reading Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum

Hey there, Do you know how much your website is worth?

Hey there,Do you know how much your website is worth?In today’s post, Greg Elfrink from Empire Flippers explains how online businesses are valued, and how to increase the value of your site.Just How Much is Your Website REALLY Worth? A Simple Valuation GuideHe even shares a formula for estimating the value of your site today.

Introducing UPLIVE

The Gifto ProtocolGlobal content and social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook have allowed anyone to easily create content and build a fanbase. However, these content platforms mostly still rely on advertising to generate revenue. The key limitation of the advertising model is that it places control of revenue generation with centralized companies, including content … Continue reading Introducing UPLIVE