Global executives cooling on deals amid trade uncertainty — Financial Post

LONDON — Executives around the world are cooling to the idea of mergers and acquisitions in the face of rising trade tensions, notably between the U.S. and China, a leading adviser on international corporate deals said Monday. In its half-yearly assessment of corporate mergers and acquisitions, or M&A, EY found that only 46 per cent… via […]

Is There Still Hope for the ICO Market To Bounce Back ? — ZyCrypto

ICO’s were a hit last year, with million dollar companies raising over billions of dollars with it in cryptocurrency-based funding. The conditions which surrounded ICO’s last year were so favorable that investors kept pouring in. A new profitable investment, with no regulation to tie down its progress, was warmly received across the finance world, and… via […]

Proof of Stake Over Proof Of Work- Agate takes the environmental damage out of blockchain mining — ZyCrypto

As the cryptocurrency trading and its subsequent growth caused quite a stir in the world economy, so did the exponential increase in the cryptocurrency mining associated with it. The cryptocurrency mining or as called by other names such as, ‘Crypto mining’ or ‘Altcoin mining’, is a process by which various cryptocurrency transactions are verified and… via […]

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce 4th Hong Kong International Business Awards 

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce 4th Hong Kong International Business Awards Thursday, September 6 2018 Dear Members and Friends, AustroCham is proud to be one of the supporting organizations for the Hong Kong Business International Awards 2018. Hong Kong Business International Business Awards is an initiative to recog­nize the contributions of International firms to Hong Kong and […]