12 Things You Can Do for Your Small Business While Watching Netflix

“92 percent of respondents reported binge viewing at some point, demonstrating that binge viewing is a new norm.” The average couch potato (like me) probably won’t lose much from an intense Friends marathon, but that level of downtime can seriously affect an entrepreneur's productivity. Here are 12 things you can do for your small business […]

Shopify: The Right Way to Monetize a Blog (With Lessons From Wait But Why)

There was once a time when if you wanted to live as a creator—as an artist—you needed a wealthy patron who was willing to sponsor and encourage your work. In many ways, creators still need patrons to support their work today. But the "patron" now consists of the many people that make up a creator’s audience—their […]


Photo Credit: PowerfulJRE YouTube 影片截圖 美國證券交易委員會(SEC)指控「鋼鐵人」Elon Musk 涉及證券詐欺一案最後終於有了結果,Musk 將以辭去 Tesla 董事長一職、另與公司交付 2000 萬美元罰款,以及任命兩席獨立董事等條件與 SEC 和解。 雖然 Elon Musk 將依然擔任 Tesla 執行長,但根據和解協議,他將在 45 天內正式辭去 Tesla 董事長職務務,而且三年內不得回任。而且這兩席新的獨立董事將會額外負責與 Elon Musk「溝通」,控制 Elon Musk 對外的言行舉止避免他發布誤導性消息。根據報導,原本 SEC 是要直接禁止 Elon Musk 可出任任何一間上市公司的董事、高層。 Elon Musk 近期一系列的荒腔走板行為始於八月上旬,他透過 Twitter 宣佈有意將以 720 億資金把 Tesla 私有化,來進一步加速技術開發進程,確保不受董事會、股東的「牽制」,此舉引發各界議論紛紛,被外界認為可能是炒作話題藉以哄抬「股價」。 但 Elon Musk 隨後又否認說法,被 SEC 認為是捏造事實,誤導投資人進而提告。到了九月上旬,Elon Musk 進一步在直播節目公開吸食大麻,同時會計長 Dave Morton、人資長 Gaby […]

HRD: HRIS leader reveals the future of tech-based tools

HRIS leader reveals the future of tech-based toolsby Emily Douglas 21 Sep 2018 Online HR information hub HRD spoke to Dolly Oyenuga, a seasoned HRIS specialist, who revealed what first ignited her passion in all this people-related. “My role essentially is the IT arm of the HR function,” she prefaced. “I manage the HRIS systems […]

Referral Marketing Targets Precisely (Referral Marketing Series 2/5)

Goals-achieving marketing campaigns are always being back up by an enchanting story and a precise target audience, i.e. customers. People to people referral including word-of-mouth, online recommendations at social media, ratings at Google Map, discussion in forums and alike are reaching out to the audience in a naturally selective way because people who speak with […]

Called T Noie, which refers to the house’s T-shaped structure, the 102-square-metre, two property is located in Toyot

Japanese architect Katsutoshi Sasaki has built himself a new family home, featuring a dark-painted facade of red cedar and a bright, airy interior. Called T Noie, which refers to the house's T-shaped structure, the 102-square-metre, two property is located in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture. From the outside, the tall and narrow building appears to have very few […]

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce 4th Hong Kong International Business Awards 

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce 4th Hong Kong International Business Awards Thursday, September 6 2018 Dear Members and Friends, AustroCham is proud to be one of the supporting organizations for the Hong Kong Business International Awards 2018. Hong Kong Business International Business Awards is an initiative to recog­nize the contributions of International firms to Hong Kong and […]

If You Are Brave Enough, You Will

“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”
― Stephen King


Job Board Corporate Massager *Must be legally permitted to work in Hong Kong*

Job BoardCorporate Massager *Must be legally permitted to work in Hong Kong* JD 1. Massage services to a female Managing Director2. Onsite massage services to clients 3. Sales and marketing via TaoBao and WeChat Working Hours-HKT 5pm to 8pm– Per order Salary payment information Salary– Massage hourly rate at HKD 100 for female; HKD 120 […]

A Hong Kong Trust

A Hong Kong Trust can be created with a settlor’s declaration that a trustee holds property for the benefit of a specific person(s) or for a purpose. Then the settlor transfers the property to the trustee. This is basic English common law followed in the United Kingdom, its colonies and territories for centuries. Former colonies […]

🛎 Oberlo Blog: 10 Vital TED Talks For Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

Tom Joseph LawGetting Started5 Mar, 201810 min read1 Comment Starting a business is tough.It takes guts, commitment, hard work… and constant development.In the words of Marshall Goldsmith: “What got you here won’t get you there.” So, where do you start?What do you need to do to succeed? What will see you through? In this quick-fire […]


Located in Sharjah, a cultural leader within the UAE, Shams prides itself on being a hub for the media, trading and creative industries – and offers a number of specialised business services and facilities to help its inhabitants grow both locally and internationally. Shams also boasts world-class facilities and a vibrant business community that’s hard […]

搵Lalamove 接送寵物去Pet Line 扮靚靚!

企業   司機   如何使用   價格   網誌 搵Lalamove 接送寵物去Pet Line 扮靚靚!Pet Line 是全港首創具規模的一站式“寵物用品連鎖店”,公司於1989年成立,業務發展至今已在港九新界設有多間分店。作為寵物用品一站式連鎖店的龍頭,Pet Line 緊貼市場脈賻,貫切創新求變的經營理念。寵物用品銷售網絡已遍佈全港,近年同時發展極受歡迎的日式寵物美容服務,按摩、SPA及寵物美容護理服務齊備,完善了Pet Line 作為寵物業界的專業形象。前住Pet Line網站Call 車輸入指定優惠碼即送Pet Line $150 寵物優惠券!優惠領取流程:1. 致電Pet Line 預約美容服務*2. 使用Lalamove 手機App 落單:– 目的地請輸入Pet Line 分店地區*- 於「特別要求」內揀選「寵物」– 新用戶輸入「LP20」即減$20;現有用戶輸入「LP10」即減$10。3.  享用Pet Line 美容服務後,於付款時出示Lalamove 手機App 內的即日電子柯打記錄,即送Pet Line 寵物美容禮券或購物券!(價值$150) *Pet Line 寵物美容分店及電話(美容服務時間為星期一至日早上十一時正至晚上八時正) – 銅鑼灣軒尼詩道375號地下E號舖(預約電話:2591 1198)– 旺角自由道6-8號新麟閣地下D號舖(預約電話:3568 6707)– 九龍城獅子石道38號地舖(預約電話:2499 3039) ^優惠須受有關條款及細則約束,詳情請瀏覽相關網頁了解更多 極速Call車 立即下載 請繼續留意我哋為您送上嘅最新優惠!

Jobs and robots: bracing for technological disruptions to comeNovember 12, 2017 8.43pm AEDTCalestous JumaRobots are advancing exponentially while human learning occurs at a much slower pace. Shutterstock Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and the rapid adoption of robots across diverse industries are stalking the fear of jobless growth. Responses to these developments have focused on what […]