Note to commenters about vitriol and frequency of commenting — Why Evolution Is True

Although I’m in Paris, I am reading comments, and have noticed two things: 1.) Certain people are dominating threads in posts, and doing it repeatedly. As I said in Da Roolz (rule 9): Try not to dominate threads, particularly in a one-on-one argument. I’ve found that those are rarely informative, and the participants never reach […] […]

Oumuamua Could Have Been an Alien Spacecraft, Harvard Astronomers Say — Fortune

  The mysterious, elongated object named Oumuamua that hurtled past Earth last year could have been an alien spacecraft, according to astronomers from Harvard University. Oumuamua–or “messenger from afar arriving first” in Hawaiian–was first discovered in October 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii. The shape was dark red, roughly oval, and flat, estimated to… […]

Technology on a Leash —

Venkat Iyer is the author of Moong Over Microchips and a certified project management professional. In this piece Iyer discusses how technology could be “a useful servant but a dangerous master”. Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever talk about technology on similar lines in their book Your Happiness was Hacked. The book Your Happiness was Hacked […] […]

Facebook’s New Video-Calling Devices Let Users Co-Stream Music, Video — Variety

  Facebook unveiled Portal, video-communication devices that incorporate several smart-speaker features using Amazon’s Alexa, and provide a way to listen to music and watch videos together with friends. Portal ($199) and the larger-screen Portal+ ($349) will begin shipping in November. The devices made video calling “easier and more like hanging out,” according to Facebook, and can… […]

Spotify Founders to Sell Another $100 Million in Shares — Variety

  Spotify’s founder Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon have signaled their intention to sell more shares in the company, according to the Swedish publication Di Digital, citing SEC filings registered Oct. 1 and 2. When the most recent sale is completed, the pair will have sold approximately $221 million in stock of the company they founded… […]

Is There Still Hope for the ICO Market To Bounce Back ? — ZyCrypto

ICO’s were a hit last year, with million dollar companies raising over billions of dollars with it in cryptocurrency-based funding. The conditions which surrounded ICO’s last year were so favorable that investors kept pouring in. A new profitable investment, with no regulation to tie down its progress, was warmly received across the finance world, and… via […]

Registration for Crypto Games Conference Minsk is Open! October 17-18 — ZyCrypto

This time the international Crypto Games Conference will be held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The second international conference for crypto games developers will gather 6OO professionals from 25 countries. More than 1OO game projects will be presented, and DApp games will get unique opportunities. 45 speakers, only most topical talks. CGC Awards, CGC… via […]

Straylite: Does Technology Breed Narcissism?

Technology is helping our students grow to be citizens of the world by cultivating their awareness and providing them a worldwide view,” says Tyra Frederick, educational technology coordinator and higher college English teacher at Brooklyn Prospect. With technology like that obtainable our future superheroes will have no trouble understanding which locations to patrol. Technology leads […]

Visionise Your Next Trip with Google’s New Touring Bird App

Picture: Google Touring Bird See everything before you walk it with Google's new Touring Bird app on your upcoming visits to Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Rome, San Francisco, and Toronto. Google's Touring Bird app features booking, price comparison, discovery tips and many more to combine all travelling websites into one tap to go. According […]