Karl Lagerfeld on the Fall-Winter 2018/19 Haute Couture Collection — CHANEL

Dress Chanel and think like Chanel. Live as Chanel.


US envoy hopes for Afghan peace deal before April election | Peace and Freedom

US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad said Sunday he hoped the Taliban and Afghan government would strike a peace deal within five months — even as the militants inflict record high casualties on security forces. Back in Kabul after a second round of regional meetings that are believed to have included the Taliban, Afghan-born Khalilzad said… — […]

News Pictures — Trump defends firing aide Melania wanted gone and says John Kelly ‘will move on’ — News Exc Celebrity

Article and photos from hienalouca.com President Donald Trump defended firing an aide first lady Melania Trump wanted gone and admitted his Chief of Staff John Kelly ‘will move on’ but denied reports his White House is in chaos and gave himself an A+ as president. ‘The White House is running like a well-oiled machine, it’s… […]

10 Things HK Locals Hate About Expats Walking too fast, ordering too slow, and other things locals hate about ex-brats 2/10

2 Chopsticks Etiquette There’s more to chopsticks than learning how to pick up a dumpling without it falling in your lap. For example – never position your chopsticks upright. Locals find this extremely disrespectful, as it resembles incense that is burned at funerals. Laying your chopsticks across each other is also considered bad luck.


3All the Gear, No Idea Lycra will not save you when you’re sliding down the side of Sharp Peak. Ever noticed a local casually wandering up beside you on a hike, as if out of nowhere, decked out in jeans and a t-shirt? For locals – that’s the hiking uniform. Anything else is a laugh.  4Help! […]

This Colorful Home Nails Looking Cool Without Feeling Trendy — House Tour – PushUP24

Name: Tes Hash Davison and Daniel Davison (And Lamb!) Location: Pilsen — Chicago, Illinois Size: 950 square feet Years Lived In: 4 years, owned On a recent work trip to Chicago, I stayed at my good friend’s house and was blown away by the style and design of the apartment. I got to sleep in… […]